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Easy Ways to Save Money

Unless you have extra money to just throw around, isn’t everyone trying to find easier ways to save? If you care nothing about saving money, then I am available for adoption. Just throwing that out there.

Easy Waysto Save Money

There are so many apps and programs available that are basically just giving money away. Not large amounts of money, but enough that over time it adds up! Today I wanted to share with you ways that I save every week. If I am missing something, please let me know in the comments so other readers can be in the know too!

Cartwheel – I am amazed at the amount of people who shop at Target on a regular basis and still aren’t using Cartwheel!!! You guys, it is so easy! Target is basically saying, here…take our money….with this app! As of this morning, I have saved $343.90. I don’t know about you, but that is a lot of damn money for just taking maybe 5 minutes of my time once a week to add some stuff in there!!! And if you don’t feel like searching for items ahead of time, they have the scan option. You can scan stuff as you are putting it in your cart!!!

Some items you can pretty much guarantee to be in there? Anything Market Pantry, Up & Up or Simply Balanced brand. So even if you don’t want to check everything, make sure to check those! And those of you with kids? Toys!!! Always check the toys and video games. We have saved so much money on Christmas presents and video games for us with Cartwheel! Right now, Lego Dimensions Fun Packs are 50% off.

Target Mobile Coupons – Every few weeks, Target updates their mobile coupons. This is part of the actual Target app that is separate from Cartwheel. If you open the app and go to deals at the very top, you will find mobile coupons. Right now they have a $1.00 off Angel Soft and Quilter Northern. Don’t tell me that we all can’t use that!


Target 1

Publix Digital Coupons – I am actually new to this one, thanks to my sister. You know how they always ask you to type in your phone number before you check out at Publix? That is what this is for!!!

You go to this link and fill out your information with your phone number. Add the coupons you want and then when you are checking out, type in your number and all these coupons will load automatically! So easy!!!

Publix also has a Baby Club and a Pet Club, so if you have little ones (furry or human) running around, I would go on ahead and sign up for this free service! You get coupons and free stuff for filling out a 1 minute form. Who doesn’t want that???

ShopKick – With Shopkick you can earn gift cards for simply walking in to a store. How freaking easy is that? Just open the app up right before you walk in to the retailers door and the second you pass through ding ding ding you get kicks! Some retailers will also offer scans for kicks. So as you are walking through Target, because you know you are hitting up every single area anyways…play a little scavenger hunt and scan the items and earn extra kicks! I am 1,000 kicks away from getting a $25 Sephora gift card. If that isn’t motivation to use the app, I don’t know what is?!?!?!

If you want to download it, I would heart you forever if you would use my link and we can both earn extra kicks!!!!

SwagbucksStephanie and Erin have both done detailed posts on how to really make lots of money using Swagbucks. You can search their blogs for those. While I am not at the expert level they are….I log in every morning to at least do the daily tasks, enter swagcodes when I see them and activate it every time I shop online to earn swagbucks for things I am already purchasing!! I have gotten two $25 gift cards from doing this within the last year!

If you haven’t signed up, do you and me a favor and use my link so we can both get extra bucks!!!

Walmart Savings Catcher – Walmart has an app where they give you money back if something is found cheaper. I don’t shop at Walmart enough to use this, but I know several people that do and they love it! My sister was handed $7 cash with it last time I was there with her.

Retail Me Not – If you are out at a retail store and want to see if there are any coupons available, just go ahead and open up this beauty! I have used so many coupon codes from this, I cant even tell you how much I have saved!!!


Shop Savvy – Are you in Best Buy, Walmart or another price matching store? Scan that item and see if it is cheaper elsewhere, then show your cashier. Boom,  free money!!!

What are you favorite ways to save money? Let us know!

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  • Reply January 26, 2016 at 9:15 am

    i love cartwheel! i did a sponsored post on it once, and ppl were like, what is this? but now it’s taken off and i couldn’t be happier. i see some more i need to check out.

  • Reply Biana @ Blovedboston January 26, 2016 at 9:53 am

    I wish we had Publix up here – it’s literally my favorite grocery store!! I need to start using target cartwheel app more!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • Reply Jessica @ Pleas(e) & Carrots January 26, 2016 at 9:57 am

    I always use cartwheel! And I never buy anything online without first checking to see if there is a discount code I can use- it can’t hurt to check!

  • Reply Stephanie January 26, 2016 at 10:04 am

    I do love me some swagbucks 🙂 I should update a post on that soon.
    I never remember to use the apps! I don’t shop very often, so when I do it’s just not something stuck in my mind. I need to be better about that, because every little bit helps for sure.

  • Reply Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders January 26, 2016 at 10:09 am

    I never shop online without looking at Retail Me Not for coupon codes! They always have something for everybody! Ebates is another good one to use if you love online shopping. You just have to go through their website to get to website that you’re buying from and then you get a check quarterly. I think that we’re supposed to get a $100 check from all of our Christmas shopping this year.

  • Reply Andrea @ Living On Cloud Nine January 26, 2016 at 10:30 am

    I love saving Mula!! I actually still cut coupons but getting more app saving savvy. Love Cartwheel and Retail Me Not. Some of these are new to me so I’m looking them up and will give them a whirl…every little bit helps!!! Happy Tuesday, I think, lol!!

  • Reply Kate @ Green Fashionista January 26, 2016 at 10:41 am

    I cannot rave enough about Target’s Cartwheel app (and their red debit card – hello 5% off every trip and free shipping). My love for them continues to grow every day <3
    Green Fashionista

  • Reply kristen January 26, 2016 at 10:57 am

    i am so bad about cartwheel. i really need to use it, but i don’t really understand how haha. i don’t use swagbucks as much as i used to, i just play videos on my phone every day, so i make like $25 every few months, but hey free money. i use ebates the most, i think i’ve been using it for a year and i’ve made like $600. i have an unfair advantage, i order a looooooooooottttt of stuff from staples for work.

  • Reply Kelli January 26, 2016 at 11:15 am

    I’m off to sign up for Publix coupons, I heart Publix. I could live there!

  • Reply Jana @ Jana Says January 26, 2016 at 11:19 am

    I LOVE Retail Me Not. Whenever we’re in certain stores, I have to check for the coupons on there before we purchase anything. It’s an awesome app. Same with Cartwheel. I don’t shop at Target often because there isn’t one close by but I will not make a purchase without consulting with it first.

    My favorite savings app is my CVS one. I save a ton of money using it and my favorite are the quarterly Extra Care Bucks rewards.

  • Reply kathy @ more coffee, less talky January 26, 2016 at 11:35 am

    i want the cartwheel app so bad! actually, i want target so bad but they up and left us and now my life is empty 🙁

  • Reply Rebecca Jo January 26, 2016 at 11:36 am

    I cant live without the Target cartwheel app. By the end of the year, I had saved over $100 just by using that!

  • Reply alyssa January 26, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    I feel the same way about Cartwheel—like, why wouldn’t you use it!? I love Swagbucks too and have definitely gotten a few hundred dollars in gift cards pretty easily from using it. Great post! Love any money saving posts 🙂

  • Reply Dani January 26, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    I love money/budgetting/savings posts like these! I shop online a lot, so Ebates is a no-brainer for me. I don’t have Publix near me, but I definitely use the digital coupons available at my local grocery store. Another app I use is Ibotta, because you get cash back on things you’re most likely already buying. The only downside is that you need to scan your receipt in order to verify the purchases. I tried Shopkick when it was first released and would be standing in the store for awhile without ever getting the kicks so I got super annoyed with it, but I’ll have to check it out again. Great post!

  • Reply Kaitlyn January 26, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    You crack me up with your, “I’m up for adoption.” My friend was just telling us about Shopkick app over the weekend which means downloading several of these apps to collect the gift cards and points in the Shopkick app. Hey, I love saving money so count me in.

  • Reply Lindsay January 26, 2016 at 2:34 pm

    I needed to see this today! I am so lazy when it comes to coupons and such. And I know these are things I can keep up with. I do digital coupons at Kroger (the only grocery store we have in our town!) and have used eBates to buy contacts. That’s about it. Thanks for these tips, lady!

  • Reply Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis January 26, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    i had no clue Publix had digital coupons and I should there a few times a week. I could have saved a fortune by now. lol Going to sign up asap! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Helen January 26, 2016 at 2:42 pm

    This is amazing! One of my goals this year is to save money. I definitely needed this post!

  • Reply B @ Sequin Notebook January 26, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    Great post! I love discovering new ways to save money. I’ve had ShopKick downloaded on my phone forever but never remember to check it out so I definitely need to start using it. Ebates and Shop at Home are my favorite cash back shopping sites!

  • Reply Jess January 26, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    I’m that person at the Target checkout scanning every item with my phone to check if it’s on Cartwheel. It’s awesome. I’ve saved so much money from it. We get a lot of groceries from there every week, so I also have their Target debit card. I’m going to check out Swagbucks. I haven’t put that much effort into using it, but it might be worth it.

  • Reply Michael January 26, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    I don’t shop at Target enough to make Cartwheel worth my while but I have it anyway… just in case. Same thing with the Walmart app. Swagbucks, RetailMeNot, and Shopkick I use on the regular. I’m going big and saving up in Shopkick for the Beats headphones. I need 50,000 points and I have 4005. So basically it will take me all year 🙂

  • Reply Amy @ Getz Girl on Fire January 27, 2016 at 7:17 am

    I’m a cartwheel girl and walmart savings catcher . . . those two really are super easy! I’ll have to check out the others!

  • Reply Cara January 27, 2016 at 9:25 am

    I love all of these websites! I’m always checking Cartwheel for offers for a reason to stop by Target 😉

  • Reply Katie January 27, 2016 at 11:43 am

    I love all your tips. Cartwheel is the best, I’m so sad that I didn’t really “get it” until about a year ago. Another fav way to save money is using Ebates….easy and fast way to get cash back on purchases you’re going to make anyways. I’ve made $22 in the past month. Score!

  • Reply Jenna January 28, 2016 at 10:51 am

    My go-to site is They match up weekly grocery sales with coupons (even digital ones and apps) to help you put together an efficient grocery list.

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