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Three Things

Stealing Jana’s Three Things post because I absolutely LOVE these posts.

Three foods I hate and refuse to eat

1.Okra – stop trying to tell me I just haven’t had good okra. It is the nastiest texture ever and I have tried it fried and baked and every just way and just no. No no no no no. You can have your loogie balls.

2.Grits – See above. I have tried it sweet and savory and every which way and it is still gross.

3.Oysters – bleh

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Three foods I love and eat more of than I should

1.chips and salsa


3. M&Ms

Three things chores I avoid until absolutely necessary


2.Cleaning the shower

3.Cleaning the sink -Why does it get so gross so quickly? I freaking HATE cleaning out food particles and shit that collects in the drain catcher.

Three chores I always do


2.Dishes -I cant freaking stand to see dishes in the sink or on the counter. It makes my skin itch.

3.Cleaning the floors

Three wardrobe staples



3.Black -At least half my wardrobe is black.

Three things I don’t spend money on


2.Expensive kid’s clothes (Have you met a kid? They are messy messy messy and I go through a stain spray bottle about once a week.)

3. Paying people to do my grocery shopping. I am picky and want to choose my own produce and check dates on things.

Three things I do spend money on

1. Skincare



Three TV shows I frequently watch in reruns

1.Big Bang Theory

2.How I Met Your Mother

3.Rules of Engagement

Three genres I generally don’t read



3.Most history

Three things I’m looking forward to this year

1.Seeing all the milestones Zoe will hit this year.

2.Our annual trips to the Beach and Gatlinburg.

3.All the new restaurants I will try.