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I Did a Thing

So, I did a thing. I joined Weight Watchers. Amy was talking about doing a mini-reset this month, and I decided I was going to join her. And then in the back of my mind I was thinking that I will probably just undo everything I do on the reset within a week of it being over. That is pretty much what always ends up happening after I do a round of Whole 30.

I want to point out that I love Whole 30. And when I am trying to break a sugar addiction, need to get back on track, or if I am having skin or stomach issues….it is my go to! I have done it every January the past three years, and I plan to do it again this January. I am actually following some of it now, and making whole 30 meals most of the time…it is just that I don’t want to restrict myself 100% of the time. Amy is an amazing Whole 30 inspiration, and I have done all my rounds with her. She is actually a certified coach now, so if you are looking to get started with it….I highly recommend her!!! I am constantly stealing meal ideas from her. Follow her on Instagram if you aren’t already. The amount of food porn she posts is incredible. I feel like everyone should do a round of Whole 30 at least once.

The thing is, right now I am trying to make a lifestyle change. That isn’t a sustainable lifestyle for me. I like cheese burgers and beer and I want to indulge in a macaroon or cookie from time to time. It is summer and I want to take Zoe to get frozen yogurt and popsicles. I don’t want to miss out on any of those things that make life more enjoyable. I had seen variations of this quote floating around a few places lately…

Image result for you only get 18 childhood summers

And it clicked in my mind. What the fuck am I doing wasting away this precious time?!?! Logically, I know that there are only 18 years of childhood. Duh. But when you put it like this, it makes all the difference. And Zoe might not notice this year that I am not indulging in the ice cream with her, but eventually she will. And I don’t want her going through life thinking that she cant have this or that. Or that something she really enjoys is “bad.”

That is my problem with Whole 30, paleo, keto, whatever else is out there that cuts out food groups. Everything is ok in moderation. So when you want to enjoy a cheeseburger on a Saturday, you should be able to do it without the guilt. Without you “breaking” your diet. Or eating an “off limits” food. Or at least, that is how I feel. That is what I love about Weight Watchers. I am given a set amount of points each day. I can spread those points out how I would like. I can hit or stay under them all week long and plan accordingly if I want to have fun on a Saturday and have that burger and beer. Or take my daughter for cookies at the mall. Because that is what life is about. Living!

I signed up for three months online because they were running a deal where there was no membership fee and I could get a month free, spread over the three months. I figured that was enough time to see if I like the program and if I am actually going to track my food. I am closing in on the end of my second week, and so far I am really liking it. Seeing how many points some things are that I was consuming daily was eye opening!!! Like the peanut butter coconut perfect bar is 13 points. My daily allowance is 23. Are you kidding me?!?!  It has really changed the way I think about certain foods. Also, it is making me control my portions. That is something I struggle with. On Whole 30, as long as something was approved…I would eat however much I wanted. That doesn’t work for me long term. I really need to keep myself in check!

The Freestyle plan that they offer now has 200 free foods. Meaning, they are zero points towards your daily allowance. So if you are hungry in the evening, you can grab a veggie or fruit and not go over your points. That has really helped me as well! I find myself snacking on cucumbers and frozen cherries, not chips and salsa. I am also not eating whatever Zoe leaves behind on her plate, or snacking while I cook dinner.

Here is my referral link if you want to play along! If you sign up with my link and do it for two weeks, we can each get a free month! I have already seen the scale drop a few pounds, so it has been encouraging. I have also been showing up for my workout every weekday since I have joined. Dare I say my mojo is back??

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Thoughts on Whole 30

I did it. I finished my third round of Whole 30! After the initial OMG what have I gotten myself into again thoughts on around day three when I would have stabbed someone for a splash of coffee creamer and a hunk of cheese. Or when I had a rough rough rough day at work and I just wanted a damn glass of wine!!!! After those thoughts, I have to admit that this has been my easiest round of Whole 30 to date. The only thing I truly missed was my coffee creamer. Dare I say that I rarely noticed that I wasn’t consuming cheese. I know. Crazy.

Image result for how I feel on day 30 of whole 30

I do Whole 30 because it works for me. It detoxes my system and strips away all the cravings for sugar laden foods and reminds me of how awesome my body feels when I am fueling it properly. Do I think Whole 30 is sustainable past the 30 days? Not really. It is very strict and doesn’t allow for any splurges. To me, life is too short not to enjoy things you love. I have so many people who tell me they could never do it because of the cheese or bread restrictions. I used to say the same thing. It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!

I have to say, I feel absolutely AMAZING!!!! The results are in, I lost a total of 8 pounds. It might not be a big number, and I have done better in the past. But I wasn’t surprised when I got on the scale this morning. The truth is, I only worked out twice the entire month. And that was this past Monday and Tuesday. I just haven’t gotten my mojo back yet, and that is going to be my focus for February. If I would have put forth the effort to work out five days a week, I know I would have seen better results. But I am ok with that. You cant put a price on how much energy I have had the last few weeks. How much clearer I am thinking. How I haven’t had  single stomach ache all month. I managed to only get slightly sick once, despite the fact that Zoe has brought home a new bug at least once every week. There is something to clean eating!!! That is for sure.

I plan to try and stay 90% paleo now that Whole 30 is over. And I am introducing fitness back into my life after all the laziness on my part over the last year. I will adjust as I see the need once I dive in. And most definitely have a delicious lunch tomorrow with no cares about what is in my food.

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Body Image

I can’t remember a time in my life when I looked in the mirror and thought, damn I look good! I have struggled with weight and body image my entire life. Looking back, I can see times where I was so hard on myself for no reason at all. And there were times that yeah, I could have lost a few pounds…but I was being way too hard on myself.

The thing is, I can’t have body image issues anymore. You guys, I have a daughter. I am terrified of her growing up having the same issues I had. I want her to be proud of her self and her body. I don’t want her to have anxiety about going to a pool party or changing in gym class. I don’t ever want her to stare in the mirror and think she is less just because she doesn’t look exactly like she wants to. But the thing is, how do you raise them with healthy thoughts? Society is eventually going to make her feel bad about something.

If Zoe sees me looking in the mirror and scrunching my nose at myself, if she sees me constantly adjusting my clothes because I don’t feel comfortable, what does that tell her? If she hears me joke about how I can’t have this or that because I am fat…what is she going to think.

From now on, I have to look in the mirror and smile. Sure, I have my flaws but you know what…I am pretty damn proud of this body. This body grew and nurtured my daughter for 40 weeks and two days. Those stretch marks and c-section scars are battle scars to be proud of, not ashamed of. These arms held her at night and gave her lots of hugs. These eyes saw the beauty and amazement of her. These legs take us to the grocery store, to the park, our for fun. And while I am far from perfect, I need to be proud of what I have. Thankful that I am healthy and able to lift my daughter in the air to hear her giggle. That I can get down on the ground and be silly with her.

I want her to see me working out and eating healthy, because I take care of my self. Not because I feel like I have to for looks. I want her to grow up making healthy choices because it is good for her, not because she is trying to fit some mold she has set for herself. I want her to know that it is ok to enjoy a cookie or cupcake and not be ashamed. I want her to have some physical activities in her life because they are fun.

I am putting all of this out here to remind you that when you have little ones around, don’t sit there and pick at your insecurities. You may not realize what type of message you are sending out to them. After all you are their mom/aunt/friend and they think the world of you. Isn’t that good enough?

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Back on Track

Today is the day that all the regular gym goers groan as the crowd of good intentions enters for the first time since the end of January 2016 when they gave up on their resolutions, am I right? But in all seriousness, I feel motivated and rejuvenated in January to get my life back on track after Christmas. Don’t you?

Of course I have plans to finally clean out our spare room and turn it in to my office and purge my closet again and what not. But my main focus right now? Getting my body back! I spend last year as a pregnant vessel to grow a healthy baby and I was totally fine with that. But now that she is here, I want my body back! And if I am being honest, I had several pounds to lose before I got pregnant! I am not putting pressure on myself with numbers or a time frame for my ultimate goal weight…but I would like to finish shedding the extra pounds to at least get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight in the next few months.

My goal for January is to join the thousands across the country for another round of Whole 30. I completed my first round last year and it worked really well for me. I lost weight, I felt great and I got my eating back under control. You can read some of my posts on it here and here. And if you want to see some of the recipes that I enjoyed last time and plan to use this time as well, you can see those here.

My six week postpartum appointment isn’t until the middle of January. As you all know, I had a c section so I am still recovering. I wont be adding workouts in until I am cleared.

Whether you are getting back on track with your health and fitness, or getting your life back in order…Link up with Amy and I today and every Tuesday for the month of January and get Back on Track!!!

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Healthy Recipes

I promised many of you that I would share the recipes that I enjoyed on Whole 30. I wanted to call these healthy recipes and not Whole 30 recipes because they can be enjoyed by everyone! I am only sharing the ones that I have added to my regular rotation! There were a few recipes that I tried and didn’t care for so those wont be included.

Just click on the name of the recipe and it will take you to the link to pin that specific one!

Healthy Paleo Nachos

nacho recipe:

Sloppy Joe’s 

Sloppy Joes - Paleo and Whole30 approved and can be made in just 30 minutes! So much flavor!:

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Slow Cooker Beef Stew (GF, DF, Paleo, Whole30):

Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili

Slow Cooker Paleo Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili:

Spinach and Meat Zucchini Ravioli

No Flour - Spinach Zucchini Ravioli | Las Vegas Food Photographer: Cindy Larkin - Gluten Free: Be sure that the sauce and seasonings are GF.:

Italian Meatloaf

Italian Meatloaf {Paleo & Whole30 Compliant} |

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken. The BEST Whole30 BBQ sauce! #slowcooker #whole30 #paleo:

Tandoori Chicken

Pulled Tandoori Chicken:

Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Fingers Recipe |

Italian Turkey Burger Soup – Delicious!!! I really enjoyed this one for lunch at work.

Italian Turkey Burger Soup | Art and the Kitchen:

Turkey Burgers – This is just ground turkey, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika and whatever else I felt like sprinkling in! I cooked it on the stove in a skillet with some olive oil for a few minutes on each side. I served this up with roasted potatoes which is olive oil, salt and Italian seasoning in the oven at 425 degrees for about 20-30 minutes. And don’t forget the ketchup!! (See next recipe)

Turkey Burgers

Whole 30 Ketchup– This stuff is seriously legit you guys!!! Chris actually requested this several times with our turkey burgers even though he wasn’t Whole 30.

Easy Homemade Ketchup (Paleo, Whole30, No Sweetener Added):

Whole 30 is:

The Whole 30, boiled down. I think I can do most of this, but the beans and cheese??? Going to be a challenge!:

What’s your favorite healthy recipe?