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September 2015 Allure Beauty Box

Hello, October!!!! I can’t believe another month has come and gone and it is time to review the September 2015 Allure Beauty Box!!!

Allure Beauty Box

What’s the Deal: For $15 a month, Allure sends you 5 deluxe size beauty samples and a mini magazine about the samples.  I pay for this on my own, and all opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post, a girl just likes to talk beauty sometimes, ok?! You can see last month’s box here.

Tangle Teezer (full price $15) –find it on sale here for $10.99

Tangle Teezer

What it is: A handle-less brush for detangling hair.

My thoughts: I absolutely love this brush! I had an off brand version from TJ Maxx that I had purchased awhile back and liked. But I LOVE this one. The shade of this one makes it so much easier to hold and every last tangle in my hair is out in a matter of seconds.

Alterna Replenishing Moisture Milk (full price $30) find here

Alterna Replenishing Moisture Milk

What it is: A leave in deep conditioner spray that is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. It is supposed to hydrate and add shine to brittle hair. It is a clear white, thicker liquid that sort of smells like a mojito. I love the scent!

My thoughts: I really liked this spray. It does seem to hydrate and make my hair soft after use. I spray it after my shower and brush with my Tangle Teezer. This is the second product that I have tried from this brand and I have to say that I am a fan. I even took this to Orlando with me last month, so it traveled well.

Pixi Glow Tonic (full price $15) find here

Pixi Glow Tonic

What it is: An alcohol free toner that exfoliates and brightens skin. The main ingredient is glycolic acid as an exfoliate. It also has witch hazel, which any great toner would! The scent is a neutral, clean scent. Nothing offensive or irritating to skin. This is great for sensitive skin, as it does not strip your face of all the good stuff like a lot of cleansers and toners do.

My thoughts: This is easily found at Target and for $15, it is a decent price point. I have been enjoying using this and will probably repurchase. It left no redness on my skin, and I can rarely say that for toners. I like the Pixi brand.

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Bar Soap (full price $45) find here

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Bar Soap

What it is: A moisturizing soap that is to cleanse and soften your skin. When I saw the full price of this I was like what the what?!?!?!

It’s a bit high for a bar of soap if you ask me. I will say that their website has a video on how to use this soap. You are supposed to fill up a sink with hot water and dip the bar in the water and rub it on your face….then rinse with 30 splashes of water. But ummmm who has time for that nonsense? I used this just like I use any other cleanser. When you are foaming with this, it does feel silky which I liked.It has a super clean scent, almost reminds me of a men’s fragrance. I mean that in a good way.

My thoughts: This is a great bar soap and it certainly made my skin feel nice and clean without being dry or tight. The price tag is a bit high for something that I wash down the drain though, you know???

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener (full price $48) find here

FullSizeRender (6)

What it is: A moisturizing makeup primer. The claims are that it blurs pores, is packed with antioxidents and soothing ingredients, and is to absorb excess oil making it great for combination skin.  It has an orange scent to it, which I could have done without to be honest. Why is a primer smelling up my face? Also…I have had a problem with some orange scented items in the past irritating my skin. While this one didn’t seem to cause any problems for me, I would be wary if you have super sensitive skin!

My thoughts: While I didn’t really notice this adding any moisture to my face, I will say that my face has been less oily on the days I have used it. So it really does absorb the excess. As far as keeping my make up on all day? It works just as well as any other primer I have used recently. I am on the fence as to whether this would be a repurchase. I want to try the MUF matte one that everyone is raving about. This one is a little pricey to not be completely in love with, in my opinion.

Soap & Glory Pillow Plump XXL Lip Gloss in Pinkwell (full price $14) find here

FullSizeRender (7)

What it is: A pale petal pink plumping lip gloss that smells like freaking chocolate!!! You read that right, chocolate! The smell is absolutely amazing and reminds me of a stronger scented version of my beloved Too Faced bronzer that I use. I used to buy Jessican Simpson and other plumping lip glosses in college that left me feeling tingly for a minute but no real results. This is different. This tingled for quite awhile and when I looked in the mirror, I did notice that my lips were extra pouty. I loved the color too, very sheer and neutral with some shine. I will say…it is sticky when you first put it on but ummmm what gloss isn’t? I would say this color would flatter just about any skin tone.

My thoughts: I loved this and for $14, I am sure I will repurchase!

Kaplan MD Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate (full price $170) find here

FullSizeRender (8)

What it is: Anti-aging serum without parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, castor oil, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, animal ingredients or animal testing. So winning for ingredients for sure!!! This is a very thin, translucent serum that has a neutral smell. It went on very smoothly in the areas I used it. The price tag is freaking hefty on this product at $170!!! YIKES! Why you ask? 50% of the ingredient list is hyaluronic acid which is super expensive and unusually high amount in the ingredients.

My thoughts: While I did like the way it felt going on my skin, and I did see some instant plumpness to my skin….I can’t really get past the price! I feel like you have to use a serum for at least 2 months before you can see real, lasting results. This little sample isn’t going to last two months for me to tell. I will say that just a little amount goes a long way so I am sure the full size bottle would last awhile.

Another great box from Allure this month! I love getting this little surprise each month. There is always at least one product in this box that becomes a must buy for me and several others that are great contenders. Have you tried any of these yet? Have you tried anything else new lately?

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Allure Beauty Box, beauty

August 2015 Allure Beauty Box


Another month of awesome products with the August 2015  Allure Beauty Box!!!

What’s the Deal: For $15 a month, Allure sends you 5 deluxe size beauty samples, a mini magazine about the samples and usually some type of coupon.  I pay for this on my own, and all opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post, a girl just likes to talk beauty sometimes, ok?! You can see last month’s box here.

Let’s take a look at what I received, shall we??

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo (full size $20 for 8 ounces)

FullSizeRender (98)

What it is: A gentle clarifying shampoo with a peppermint scent. This shampoo has a great lather that is supposed to whisk away all the grime, grease and hair product gunk.

My Thoughts: This stuff smells AMAZING you guys! AMAZING!!! I really do feel like my hair is cleaner when I use this. I have super fine hair that tends to be rather oily at times and I had no issues with this. I didn’t feel like it was too drying either. I really liked how it felt a little cool/tingly after lathering. It said in the allure mini-mag that guys love the scent too and end up stealing it from their gals so if you get it, keep tabs on it!

Nuance Salma Hayek AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream (full size $19.99 for 4 ounces)


What it is: A medium-weight moisturizer that has skin protecting anti-oxidants. This is to soften and plump skin without it feeling like you have anything on your face.

My Thoughts: I have used this for about two weeks. I feel like a product like this takes much longer than that to really get the feel for it and see if it is working. With that being said, my face is super sensitive to lots of things and this is giving me zero problems. I like the way my skin looks after using it and that fact that it absorbs pretty quickly. It says you can find this at CVS and it is a great price point. A little goes a long way. If I continue to like it, I will certainly grab it again for the price point and availability!

Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner(full size $24)

What it is: A gel liner with an innovated click pen.

My Thoughts: I love They’re Real mascara and this might be a great find. HOWEVER!!! The packaging of this sample is the most horrid thing EVER!!! You have to squeeze up some liner out of a slanted opening and just WTF??? While the liner was great and lasted all day without a smudge, and came off nicely with eye make up remover….I tossed this thing out because the application was a total nightmare. Surely the full size can’t be like this?? It says the full size has a click pen where you can dispense the perfect amount? I suggest checking it out at Sephora or something to be sure, like I said…the formula was great and worth a look.

Bumble & Bumble Grooming Creme (full size$30 for 5 ounces)

What it is: A lightweight styling cream to smooth frizz, boost waves and add texture to fine hair.

My Thoughts:I am seriously loving this product you guys! B&B does it again! Last week it rained about every day and we were literally at 100% humidity. I have noticed that my frizz has been much more under control!!! I have super fine hair and this does not weigh it done or make it look greasy in the least bit. Also, a little goes a long way, it has a pleasant clean smell and doesn’t leave the hair feeling crunchy or anything. This will be a repurchase for sure!!

(Allure) & Butter London Arm Candy Polish  (full size $15 or $30 for four 0.2 ounce bottles)

 What it is: Allure teamed up with Butter London to create two special colors for their line. There was a blue option (Violet’s Revenge) and a pink option(The Sweet Spot). Part of me wishes that I would have received the blue option because I have so many pink polishes!!! But let’s be honest, I love pink so I am totally ok with it. And this color is super pretty! It is a dusty mauve color and really perfect for year round wear.

FullSizeRender (100) this was on day 2 after typing for 9 hours at work

My Thoughts: This is my third Butter polish. I like them quite well, but usually when I am purchasing them for myself, I get them from TJ Maxx and Marshall’s because who wants to pay $15 for a polish? I will say that this is a great formula. It literally goes on smooth as butter and it lasts a decent week for me, which is way more than I can say for Essie.

(Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser full size $20 for 6.76 ounches )

What it is: A foaming cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin that cleans the face and removes make up without stripping skin.

My Thoughts:The first thing I noticed was the smell, it is delightful!! This is a great option for a face wash. It removed my make up nicely and didn’t make my sensitive skin go crazy. I have used this little bottle for 3 weeks now and you can barely tell that I have opened it, so a little goes a long way!!! It says that you can find this at I would probably repurchase this again, the full size bottle would probably last at least 6 months or more given my use thus far on one that is just 1.69 compared to 6.76.

I really enjoyed this box. I will say that I have noticed that Allure sends a lot of Bumble and Bumble stuff. I am going to be honest, it doesn’t bother me because I actually love everything that I have tried so far!!! But if I didn’t, I would be pissed to keep seeing that brand repeated.

Have you used any of these products yet? What are you loving?

Allure Beauty Box, beauty

July 2015 Allure Beauty Box

Another month of awesome products with the July 2015  Allure Beauty Box!!!

What’s the Deal: For $15 a month, Allure sends you 5 deluxe size beauty samples, a mini magazine about the samples and usually some type of coupon. I figured that was a decent deal for 5 deluxe samples!  I pay for this on my own, and all opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post, a girl just likes to talk beauty sometimes, ok?! You can see last month’s box here.

I would like to make a note that this is the SECOND month that they have double charged my card. WTF Allure??? I know it is only $15 but that is not ok. This is only my forth box which means half the time they have double charged me. They put the money back on their own, but that is not a good ratio.

July 2015 Allure Beauty Box

Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer (full size $27)

Bumble & Bumble Haidresser's

What it is: A multitasking protective spray that you use before your heating tools to protect, condition and smooth hair. You all know that I have baby fine hair, and this stuff makes my hair look awesome without weighing it down! I feel like it feels smoother, has a little bit of a shine and it smells good! Did I mention it is probate free?

My Thoughts: I love this stuff!!!!!! I was pretty loyal to Chi’s heat protective spray for the last several years but this stuff is a whole new level of awesome! I highly recommend this and will be using this from now on!

Oscar Blandi olumizing Dry Shampoo (full size $25)

FullSizeRender (61)

 What it is: This is a dry shampoo that is supposed to boost volume without a trace. The smell is sort of lemony and the spray consistency is great. I will say, I could not see the white overcast that you usually get with dry shampoos in the least bit, so that is huge!!! I don’t really know about volume though? My hair is so flat and fine not much helps me in that department.

My Thoughts: I have tried so many dry shampoos out there. SO MANY!!!  My favorite is hands down Batiste. It just works the best as far as keeping my hair looking clean and I like it’s scents the best also. If you have a serious issue getting rid of the white overcast  from other dry shampoos, I highly recommend this Oscar Blandi one…otherwise…I like Batiste better and it is way cheaper.

Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 (full size $28)

Supergoop! setting spray

What it is: This is a three-in-one mist that is to set makeup, helps control oil and shine, and protect against the sun with SPF 50. It has a rosemary and mint scent to it, which much reminds me of something you would smell at a spa and I find that uplifting and enjoyable. I will say that there is a little sting in the spray, which I guess is the mint? It only stings for a second. This is paraben and sulfate free.

My Thoughts: Other than a weird name…Supergoop?? My skin is super oily in the summer, and right now down here if you walk outside for more than a second you start sweating. So it is under harsh conditions that I am testing this. I think that as far as make up setting goes, it works just as well as other sprays that I have had in the past. I do really appreciate the SPF 50 for my fair, easily burnt skin!!! That is a major selling point with me! I am on the fence as to whether I will repurchase, but I think it is worth a try for those in the market.

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring(full price $16)

FullSizeRender (58)

FullSizeRender (59)

What it is: This is supposed to be a unique band that does not leave a crease in your hair after being in a pony tail, and claims to not drag or pull on scalp. It has a smooth metal free, soldered finish will not snag, cause breakage or hair loss.

My Thoughts:Well, it holds my hair well, but I am not sure I really like the look of these in my hair. A plastic slinky looking thing? It makes me feel like a child. Plus, my hair is super thin so everything leaves a crease. EVERYTHING. These are no different. I might see if my 11 year old niece wants them. Also, $16???? Sorry…there are so many things I would rather spend $16 on than some hair ties that I will either lose or they will stretch out or break eventually. You know?!

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length Mascara (full size $26)

FullSizeRender (63)

What it is: Mascara that stretches lashes for maximum length and volume.

My thoughts: This mascara is a great option for those who have a difficult time with clumping. The brush is so short and small that you really have to work to build….which is both good and bad. Bad because it takes longer, but good because there is absolutely no clumping. It has great reviews on Sephora and other websites and is worth a try if you are in the market for mascara. I liked this one and would consider purchasing it again.

Here is a blurry picture of the length it creates for my nearly non-existent lashes! This is before I put on any concealer or foundation…so pay no attention to the dark circles and uneven skin tone.


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Synchronized Complex II(full size $65)

FullSizeRender (60)

What it is: This is an eye serum that you can use up to two times per day to to reduce the look of  visible signs of eye aging: fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, dryness and uneven skintone. It also claims to be intensely hydrating, which it is not. Not even a little. I will say that my skin seemed a little brighter and smoother around my eyes though.

My Thoughts:While this eye serum wasn’t horrible and did have a few benefits, I didn’t love it. Certainly not for the full price!!! Plus, I had to make sure I used extra moisturizer around my eyes because I felt like this was drying.

Do you have an eye serum you love?? Still looking for my holy grail.


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June 2015 Allure Beauty Box

This month’s beauty box had all kinds of fun goodies and was appropriately named Day at the Beach!

What’s the Deal: For $15 a month, Allure sends you 5 deluxe size beauty samples, a mini magazine about the samples and a $10 off your $50 purchase on I figured that was a decent deal for 5 deluxe samples!  I pay for this on my own, and all opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post, a girl just likes to talk beauty sometimes, ok?! You can see the box from last month here.

I didn’t have time to take individual pictures up close this month, but you can see above that everything was a decent size.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express (full size $44)

This tanner allows you to customize the depth of your tan by rinsing off after an hour, two or three. To be honest, I haven’t used this yet because I don’t really have time to apply this shit and wait an hour to shower. During the week I shower right after my work out and then have to get ready for work, and on the weekends I clean the house and cut the grass before showering and ummm I need to shower after those activities and putting tanner on then isn’t smart. I hope to try this maybe one Sunday when I don’t have plans, but that hasn’t happened this month.

eSALON Perfect Ending Leave in Conditioner (full size $19.95)

This is a leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair. It restores the shine and moisture, making hair smooth and detangles.

My thoughts: With my thin, tangly hair…this stuff was perfect! I just put a little bit in my hands after my shower and ran it through the ends, then started combing through the ends and working my way up. The tangles were so easy to navigate and this stuff left my hair feeling soft and hydrated. Oh, it smells good too!

E.L.F. Studio Small Stipple Brush ($3)

This brush is great for liquid and cream application of foundation, blush and bronzers.

My thoughts: I love E.L.F. so much that I actually already had this brush. But I never complain on having more! Can you have too many brushes? Surely not.

Lauren B Beauty Nail Couture in Polo Lounge Punch ($18)

This polish is a deep pink with a wet looking finish. The formula is free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde.

My thoughts: I am like an addict with nail polish. Another thing you can never have too much of, for sure! This color is super pretty and great for any season. This was a streak free finish after two coats.

Completely Bare Wax Strips for Face, Bikini, Body ($12.99)

These are prewaxed hair-removal strips that remove hair when warmed with your hands. These are thin and small and would be easy to control in any area.

My thoughts: I am not a fan of wax strips and stuff, I basically shave everything from the waste down and do just fine so I wont be using these and can’t really give a review.

Cotz Face Sunscreen SPF 40 in Natural Skin Tone (full size 19.99)

This is a water resistant sunscreen with a sheer tint that provides long lasting sun protection while minimizing shine. The formula reminds me of a make up primer, which I love. The color is sheer and perfect, would be great for days you don’t want to do any make up at all, either.

My thoughts: I have heard great things about Cotz from several bloggers so I was really excited to receive this. They also made the best sunscreen list, which is always reassuring. I really love this, and can you get more serious than SPF 40 as your daily face protection? This will be a repurchase for sure! Sunscreen is so important, I don’t want to look like a leather handbag.


I was really happy with the size of everything this month. Even though I am less than thrilled with the waxing stuff, everything else I was excited about! And if you think about it, that full size polish that I received is worth more than I pay for this subscription alone, so it was totally worth it! What is your favorite subscription box? Have you considered this one before?

Allure Beauty Box, beauty

Allure Beauty Box May 2015

I wanted to share the contents of my second Allure Beauty Box! I was much more pleased with the sizes of the samples this go round. Also, they sent six things again this month instead of just five. Yay 🙂

What’s the Deal: For $15 a month, Allure sends you 5 deluxe size beauty samples, a mini magazine about the samples and a $10 off your $50 purchase on I figured that was a decent deal for 5 deluxe samples!  I pay for this on my own, and all opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post, a girl just likes to talk beauty sometimes, ok?! You can see my first box from last month here.

What I got:

John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment

This is a gel that you apply in the shower for 3-5 minutes after you shampoo and condition your hair and you rinse it out before styling/drying. It is supposed to create volume  and is water resistant so that lasts through 3-5 shampoos. This can be found at stores for around $10, which is a great price point if you as me.

My thoughts: It is easy to use and it didn’t weigh my fine, limp hair down which was a plus. I tried it out this week, and the humidity has been high and there is a chance for rain every day, so it is hard to say how it is really holding up because my hair tends to freak out with so much humidity.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume
Should you get it: Give me awhile longer to form an opinion. I think I like it, but humidity throws off my hair game.

Julep Lip Gloss in Graceful

I have received a Julep Lip Gloss when I was getting the Julep Maven box every month. I loved it and this one is no different!!! The Graceful color is a light pink and is a little sheer. It is great for every day. I love the scent of these lip glosses  and they aren’t too sticky. The full size glosses are around $20 on the Julep site.

Should you get it: Yes!! I love the Julep lip glosses. They are some of my favorites.  I am tempted to opt back in a month and just get three different colors. They smell great, the colors are wonderful and they aren’t sticky. Can you ask for more?

Versace Eros Pour Femme

I love this scent! I have basically worn it every day since I got it. I am not sure how to describe the scent? It isn’t anything crazy. The sheet says lemon, bergamot, pomegranate, jasmine, peony,sandalwood, amber and musk. The good news is, Chris doesn’t seem to mind it either. Yay! The 1.7 ounce retails for $92.

Should you get it: I really enjoyed this scent. If you are looking for a scent that is not offensive to a sensitive nose, and don’t mind spending a little more I would consider it. It is something different, I get tired of smelling the same few scents everywhere I go, you know?

Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water

This is a calming, cooling spray. It says that it calms and soothes sensitive or dry skin. I tried it twice and I loved the feeling it left me with. I am going to save it for the summer, keep it in the fridge and use it as a refresher. It would probably feel amazing if you were sun burnt! Though I don’t plan to let myself get that way. It retails for $12.50.

Should you get it: If you live in the south, or experiencing some heat…I would snatch this baby up for a cool down. It really did feel like it was calming my skin the instant I sprayed it.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

This mask  you put on before you go to bed. It is supposed to hydrate and leave your skin looking plump and glowy. There is a slight rose scent when you apply, but hardly noticeable. I have used it twice and I will say that my skin was super soft in the morning. I don’t know about glowy? But I work out and sweat like crazy after I wake up so that sort of covers anything up. It is suggested to layer this mask over your anti-aging stuff to make it more effective, so that is a fun bonus! This retails for $23

Should you get it: I like the way this mask felt when I put it on. It soaked into my skin fairly quickly, and didn’t leave any residue on my pillow or anything. I am out of anti-aging serum right now, so I can’t speak to the fact that it makes those products more effective, but it sure does make sense. As far as night masks go, the price isn’t bad and a little goes a long way. I am on the fence if I would purchase it again.

Alterna Caviar Repair Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray

This is a styling spray to prevent damage from flatirons and blow dryers. I loved the scent of this. Almost like a mojito?! It is lightweight and it left my hair feeling super silky after every use. I had to be careful not to overuse, otherwise I felt like it would make it look a little oily. To be fair, I have also been running my fingers through my hair all day long because it is just so silky. This retails for $30.

Should you get this: I am a Chi heat spray girl and have been for years. I will say that this stuff makes my hair silkier for sure. If I had thicker hair, I would have no hesitations to purchase this again in the least bit. Because my hair is so thin, I feel like I can’t add the amount I do with my Chi spray. However, I really like how soft my hair is after using this. There are a ton of vitamins and good things in it for the hair which makes me think I will repurchase it.

Have you used any of these products? What do you think about this box?