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Christmas Wish List

I love making a Christmas Wish List every year. It is just fun and I usually end up coming up with a few gift ideas for others while I make my own list. You know, one for me…one for you. What is on your list?

//I am obsessed with my Kendra Scott Elisa necklace and wear it more than any other piece of jewelry I own, besides my wedding rings and Zoe’s  birth stone ring. I have wanted the Rayne Stone Tassel Pendent forever. It would go with so much!

//How gorgeous are these Kendra Scott earrings???

//I hit pan a long time ago on my UD Naked shadow color in my palette and I really need a replacement because it is my absolute favorite color.

//I have had my current cell phone case since I purchased my phone, I think it is time for a new one! How cute is this??

//I really need a purse that I can put over my shoulder to make things easier when I have Zoe. I really love this Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Tote!!! I also love the structure of the Michael Kors Selma bags. With those you can carry on your wrist or wear the longer strap on your shoulder. Or this gold Tory Burch tote! I don’t have any Tory pieces, but I think her stuff is great.

//I have wanted a pair of the Spanx Faux Leather leggings for years. I am not sure why I never pulled the trigger on these? I heard that they make you look and feel amazing, and I think I need that right now.

//I really love the cut of the Leith Easy Circle cardigan. I need a few more nicer sweaters for work and I think this would be perfect! I also have my eye on this cozy looking Free People cardigan.


//I have heard amazing things about Sara Happ products, and this gift set has all three items I want to try!

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Reading: I just started reading Where We Belong by Emily Giffin yesterday.

Where We Belong

Listening: Christmas music all day every day. One of my most favorites.


Watching: All of the Christmas movies!!! Or, at least trying to! We watched The Grinch at least three times this past Sunday alone. Zoe is obsessed and it couldn’t make me any happier to see her get so in to that movie.

Image result for grinch gif

Eating:All of the things. Haha! This week we had a lot of food from Zoe’s party left over to snack on. For dinners this week it is turkey burgers, taco bowls and stuffed pepper soup.

Buying: Christmas shopping this year has looked like….

But in all seriousness, I have a good chunk done and for the gifts I don’t  have yet….I know what I need to get so there isn’t much guess work left. Yay!

Working: I need to get our Christmas tree up this weekend so that I have enough time to enjoy it before it needs to come  back down. I don’t think I am going to bring out alllll the decor this year. Our house just gets too cluttered with it. But I cant not put the tree up!

I also have been slowly getting the office cleaned out. I packed up all of Zoe’s baby gear on Friday last week and sobbed the entire time. Now I need to get another container to store the rest of the clothes she grew out of. It is crazy seeing how small some of the stuff was that she was wearing just six months ago.

Sending: I need to get my Christmas cards ordered and sent out! If you want to exchange Christmas cards this year, let me know and let’s share addresses. If you were on my list last year, you will probably get one again this year assuming I haven’t lost your address.

Feeling: Thankful and festive. There was a time when I let the holidays stress me out a little bit, but that time is long gone. Now I just soak up as much of the joy and activity that I possibly can. This is my most favorite time of the year, and I want to be present in it and make as many memories as possible. I am hoping to get a gingerbread house kit to do soon, bake a fun holiday treat, watch many more Christmas movies, drink hot chocolate, maybe go look at some Christmas lights, take Zoe to meet Santa Claus and any other things I can squeeze in to this month! What is your favorite holiday tradition?


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Weekending With the Unicorns

Planning a first birthday party is no joke! We kept it fairly simple, inviting family and Laura and her crew. I had decided almost immediately that we were going to have a unicorn theme. Zoe loves her unicorn stool and paci and tends to point at unicorn stuff when we are out in stores. Also, one and uni…just made sense to me.

I had a few things on the menu that I knew I wanted immediately; unicorn fudge and funfetti cake batter dip. The rest of the menu sort of came together the week of the party and included a rainbow fruit bowl, pigs in a blanket, meat and cheese tray, chips and queso, crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly, pasta salad and goldfish crackers. Zoe’s cake was a unicorn and we had cupcakes matching the light pink, dark pink and purple from her unicorn’s mane.

I kept the decorations simple too. We had unicorn straws and napkins, pink and purple cups and plates and blow up unicorn floats. I had ordered an adorable high chair tutu on line that I plan to use next year as well and will just change the 1 to a 2. I took the garland and gold twinkle lights from Zoe’s smash cake session and hung them on the fire place with her monthly pictures. I thought it turned out really cute!!! I am pretty sure my sister was the only one who took the time to look at it or even notice it…but whatever. At least I have the photos for her scrapbook now!

It was great seeing everyone, and they all spoiled Zoe with so many presents! Zoe’s favorite things were the cards and gift bags. I think Santa will have a much easier Christmas this year knowing that Zoe prefers gift bags over wrapped items.

And in true Laura and Nadine fashion, we are both wearing the same colors and our kids both can’t keep their hands out of their mouths for pictures. We are pretty much the same person all the time.

Since Zoe had to go to school on her actual birthday, I sent some fresh fruit for her and her friends and some cookies for her teachers so they could celebrate with her. It seems like she had a lot of fun from the pictures her teacher shared with me. Last night after dinner, I let her have a little piece of her cake and she had one last gift to open that we missed on Sunday.

Her cake face in that middle picture looks like me when I eat my feelings on a Monday too. LOL.

The rest of our weekend was pretty much consumed with the set up and clean up for her party, and of course, watching lots of football. I got to see Georgia put the beat down on Auburn and Alabama get voted in to the playoffs, so all is right in the world again. Well, the football world. The actual world is quite a mess, right?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!


Dear Zoe – A Letter on Your First Birthday

Dear Zoe,

As I was getting things ready for your party yesterday morning, Daddy and I both turned and looked at you just walking by yourself in the living room. You paused to look at the TV and we both looked at each other and mumbled some comment about how it is so weird to see our tiny little human walking around looking like a toddler in our living room.

When I was pregnant, everyone kept telling me how fast time was going to go. I just politely smiled and laughed. But no, seriously, time flies. I remember laying on the operating table in the OR and hearing the doctor telling me to open my eyes so that I could meet my daughter. I remember fighting the cloudy haze I was in and opening my eyes and seeing you stare back at me. I whispered the words, Hello, Zoe. And my heart literally swelled and grew so much. I instantly felt this incredibly overwhelming love for you. I was so silly to worry when I was pregnant if we were going to bond right away. Of course we were, how could we not?

Those eyes of yours can move mountains and turn my day from horrible to amazing with one look from you. Your smile lights up my entire world. You have changed me in so many ways, all for the best. I am filled with such love, fear, wonder, pride. I know that I am not perfect. I appreciate that you are patient with me as I learn my new role as a mother. You have taught me so much. Patience, how to function on little to no sleep (haha!), to trust my gut instincts, to trust that you will show me what you need, and how much love I truly have to give. (Way more than I could have ever imagined.)

You went from this tiny little sweet smelling newborn who I cradled ever so delicately, to a smiley drooly happy baby who learned how to sit up. Then you started learning how to scoot around, which eventually lead to crawling. You were so proud that first time you pulled up to stand on your own. And now you are walking around the house pointing at everything with so much pride in your eyes. You are going to learn and grow so much this next year, and I am going to promise to do my best to be present and soak up every moment I can.

You have the most incredible snuggles, the best laugh I have ever heard. You have the sweetest little voice, and you might give a better side eye than me. Your personality shines through everything you do.

On your first birthday, my wish for you is that your smile is always so big, that it reaches your eyes. That you keep your sweet disposition and your hilarious sense of humor. That you remain curious and give yourself grace. That you still clap for yourself and keep your sense of pride in everything you do. And my main wish is that you know how truly loved you are. You are such an incredible little girl and I know you are meant to do great things.

I love you forever,


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Friday Favorites

Favorite Moments: On Monday I grabbed a salad from Moe’s!  I hadn’t been there in so long. It was delicious.

Wednesday, Chris asked me if I wanted to meet him for lunch. It is so nice to have a day date together!!! We went to Shiki and I had massaman chicken and enjoyed every last bite.

Zoe loves turning pages in her books and being read too. Makes me so happy to see her looking at them randomly during playtime too!

The pure joy on her face lights up my entire world.

The flags are out all along the street on my route to work Wednesday. I guess they were out for Thanksgiving? I love seeing them again.

Favorite Recipe: I am getting ready for another round of Whole30 in January. Starting to pin all the things!!! Although this Sweet Potato Pizza Bite recipe says Whole30 friendly and dairy free, one of the ingredients listed in the comments is cheese. Just skip out on that if you are trying to stay true to the diet.

Chicken Supreme Sweet Potato Pizza Bites | pizza inspired recipes | healthy pizza alternatives | easy dinner recipes | healthy dinner recipes | Whole30 recipe ideas | Whole30 approved recipes | Whole30 dinner ideas | gluten free recipes | gluten free pizz

Favorite Lusts: Has anyone tried this shampoo? I saw it and wondered if it’s claims for hair loss and fuller hair was true. It seems to be all natural and cruelty free.

I went to Ann Taylor on Tuesday and they were having a 50% off sale. Unfortunately, my store didn’t really have anything I wanted in my size. I went to order some of the stuff I saw online until I realized the sale was over. I hope they do another one in December!!! These are the items I will keep checking back on!

Love this houndstooth shirt!!!

This shirt is such a gorgeous color!

I really loved the Kate Fit dress pants that they had. They fit soooooo good on me. Unfortunately, they only had ankle cut and I really need some trousers or  more professional looking ones. I noticed it said they are dry clean only. Has anyone washed them on the delicate cycle in their washer before? I have zero time for a dry clean run.

Favorite Funnies:

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 so true!

Yeth. Hahahaha vintage meme e cards vintage humor

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