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weekend shenanigans

weekend shenanigans

Winter Wonderland Weekend

You guys! My heart is so full of joy this morning. We woke up Friday to see that the snow had started coming down. We had started out with a 2 hour delay at daycare and it turned into a snow day. Hurray! Zoe was so excited to see all the snow. She kept going to our back door and looking out on the deck and pointing and squealing with delight. We went out together for a little while just the two of us, and then again when Chris got home from work. We had so much fun and got so many cute pictures!!! It snowed just a little last year, so this isn’t technically her first snow…but it was the first time she got to go out in it and have an official snow day.

Zoe pulled all the clothes out of her bottom drawer of her dresser and laid down on them for a few minutes, clearly the snow wore her out!

I seriously cant believe how much it actually snowed and for how long. This has to be a record here for as long as I have lived in the south. It was the perfect powdery wet kind too and the roads were pretty decent because we didn’t get a ton of ice like we usually do. We got to make snow cream and watch the Grinch.

Saturday, we headed out early to Bass Pro Shop to get our pass to stand in line and see Santa!!! This is Zoe’s first time meeting Santa too, I felt like she was too young to take out last year. She did so well and didn’t cry at all!

I loved that the snow still hung around on our drive to see Santa. It was soooooo pretty!!!!

After Santa, we headed home for lunch and a nap because we new we were going to head back out to meet up with Laura, B and Sheffy! We ended up at CommHouse. We had the best time just hanging out and watching the kiddos be totally adorable. Clearly they have plenty more play dates in their future!

We enjoyed snacking on the totchos, wings and Kung Pao Cauliflower. Zoe ate a lot of the totchos. She loves carbs.

Saturday night I got the Christmas tree up and partially decorated. I need to finish the rest of it this week and get the one up in Zoe’s room!

Sunday, we headed out early to Target to get our grocery shopping done. We stopped at Casa Fiesta for lunch, and then headed over to 280 to Best Buy and Bargain Hunt. We didn’t get home until close to 3pm. We settled in for lots of Christmas movies (Badder Santa, Elf, The Santa Claus, Santa Claus 2 and Home Alone) and I made some bacon pasta. (Recipe to come later!)

And just like that the weekend was over and it was back to work! Oh, it needs to be noted that Zoe had her first tacos on Friday. And then she ate some at Casa Fiesta Sunday too! Obviously, she loved them. I mean, she is my kid!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Linking up with Biana.

weekend shenanigans

Weekending With the Unicorns

Planning a first birthday party is no joke! We kept it fairly simple, inviting family and Laura and her crew. I had decided almost immediately that we were going to have a unicorn theme. Zoe loves her unicorn stool and paci and tends to point at unicorn stuff when we are out in stores. Also, one and uni…just made sense to me.

I had a few things on the menu that I knew I wanted immediately; unicorn fudge and funfetti cake batter dip. The rest of the menu sort of came together the week of the party and included a rainbow fruit bowl, pigs in a blanket, meat and cheese tray, chips and queso, crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly, pasta salad and goldfish crackers. Zoe’s cake was a unicorn and we had cupcakes matching the light pink, dark pink and purple from her unicorn’s mane.

I kept the decorations simple too. We had unicorn straws and napkins, pink and purple cups and plates and blow up unicorn floats. I had ordered an adorable high chair tutu on line that I plan to use next year as well and will just change the 1 to a 2. I took the garland and gold twinkle lights from Zoe’s smash cake session and hung them on the fire place with her monthly pictures. I thought it turned out really cute!!! I am pretty sure my sister was the only one who took the time to look at it or even notice it…but whatever. At least I have the photos for her scrapbook now!

It was great seeing everyone, and they all spoiled Zoe with so many presents! Zoe’s favorite things were the cards and gift bags. I think Santa will have a much easier Christmas this year knowing that Zoe prefers gift bags over wrapped items.

And in true Laura and Nadine fashion, we are both wearing the same colors and our kids both can’t keep their hands out of their mouths for pictures. We are pretty much the same person all the time.

Since Zoe had to go to school on her actual birthday, I sent some fresh fruit for her and her friends and some cookies for her teachers so they could celebrate with her. It seems like she had a lot of fun from the pictures her teacher shared with me. Last night after dinner, I let her have a little piece of her cake and she had one last gift to open that we missed on Sunday.

Her cake face in that middle picture looks like me when I eat my feelings on a Monday too. LOL.

The rest of our weekend was pretty much consumed with the set up and clean up for her party, and of course, watching lots of football. I got to see Georgia put the beat down on Auburn and Alabama get voted in to the playoffs, so all is right in the world again. Well, the football world. The actual world is quite a mess, right?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!

weekend shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans – The One With All the Food and Shopping

It is always so hard to come back to work and reality onĀ  Monday after a long weekend. Especially when that weekend included so many delicious eats, shopping, and one frustrating football game. But I dont want to talk about that last one, ok?

We kicked off the holiday with an early dismissal from work on Wednesday. I didn’t hesitate to pack up my stuff and head on out to get Zoe. She was so excited to see me so early! Her and I went and picked up some snacks for the weekend and ordered her smash cake and birthday cake!

I decided to make French toast for us on Thanksgiving morning while we watched the parade. Hopefully a new tradition. Zoe didn’t care to much for the parade, but she loved her French toast and ate the entire slice I gave her, crust and all! She was a good eater all day, and tried a bit of everything at both lunch and dinner! Here is her first Thanksgiving lunch plate! She even had ham and turkey (not pictured).

We go to Chris’s parents house for a late lunch and then my mom’s for dinner. We were all beat after all that eating and traveling and headed home. Chris went back out that night with our BIL to do some shopping, while Zoe and I snuggled up and watched a Christmas movie.

Zoe with her all of her cousins on Chris’s side of the family

Friday, Zoe got her first Black Friday experience. My mom and I have been shopping every year (except last year when I was hella pregnant) since and this year it was so surreal having Zoe out with us! Next year she will probably stay home with daddy since she will be more mobile, but I think she liked all the excitement this year. She was really good the entire day and only got fussy once when I was in the fitting room at Nordstrom Rack. Grandma walked her around while I finished up there and she was happy once again when I took her to go try on some shoes. That girl loves shoes. She did give me a look before lunch that told me she was over it. Hahaha. I don’t know where she gets those facial expressions from. Me.

Parmesan truffle cheese fries from Cowfish for lunch

We had a lot of fun shopping with my mom and I even got someone crossed off the Christmas list.

Saturday was Iron Bowl and after we got a little cleaning done around the house, we headed over to watch the game with Chris’s dad. We spent a lot of time shaking our heads and yelling at the tv. We still have hope that *maybe* we can make it into the playoffs?!?! That evening after we got home and got Zoe to bed, Chris hung out with J in the basement and I decided to try a Christmas movie on Netflix. You guys. I have never cried so much during a movie since Marley and Me. I chose The Heart of Christmas with Candace Cameron Burre and….just cue the tears. The movie is about a woman who learns of a little boy that is dying of cancer and it changes her outlook on life. I didn’t realize the movie was based off a real family and so at the end, I wasn’t prepared to see pictures of the actual little boy. It was such a good movie, but so so heartbreaking. I had to watch Home Alone after to get it off my mind!

Sunday, my sister and one of my nephews came over and went grocery shopping with us. I picked up some Mexican on the way home for lunch. When we got back, we put Zoe down for a nap and started prepping props for her smash cake pictures!!! We did them ourselves because our photographer wasn’t available before her birthday and I really wanted them done now. I think they turned out pretty good and I will be sharing them soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Thanksgiving!!! May your Monday be filled with coffee and go by quickly! Linking up with Biana.


weekend shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

I am not even sure how it is possible that we are already in Thanksgiving week, but the calendar doesn’t lie. Who else sooooooo need this short work week??? This weekend was nothing too crazy. I worked from home on Friday to keep Zoe out of daycare and away from other germs since we were still in recovery mode. Girlfriend took a three hour nap which was fabulous for squeezing in all the work I could.

Saturday morning I cut the side yard for the last time this year. I still need to cut the front and back, but I feel so accomplished! After Zoe’s nap, Chris and I headed to Target because they were having 25% off their entire toy department. There was this toy I wanted that was 20% off in Cartwheel on top of the 25% discount, but unfortunately it was sold out. I hate that you cant do Cartwheel online, you know? So we didn’t end up getting anything. We did go to Red Robin and have a late lunch though. Can you go there and not order the onion rings? I think not.

That evening, we caught up on some shows and snacked on summer sausage and cheese.

Sunday, Zoe and I knocked out our grocery shopping early. Since we will be eating with family Thursday, and will probably have those leftovers Friday…it was a scaled back trip. We are having Italian Cheeseburger Soup and Pork Chops for dinners this week. I made beef enchiladas for lunch yesterday.

And homemade spaghetti for dinner. Nothing better than the smell of that sauce simmering in the crock pot all day.

I think I started a bad habit with Zoe, pulling her around in an empty laundry basket. I have never heard her giggle and squeal so much though. So absolutely loves it!

And here we are, staring Monday right in the face. Probably the longest one ever with the short work week ahead, right? That is how it always works! I have a lunch date with Laura today, so it gives me something to look forward to this morning.

I think I might still be having issues with comments coming to my email? I guess I will find out after some of you leave me one today. I am trying to get it resolved, so sorry! Technology has been a real nightmare for me lately. The amount of times I had to restart my work laptop and powder down my phone last week is ridiculous. Linking up with Biana. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

weekend shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

Good Morning!!! I am still trying to regulate my heart rate after that Bama struggle win on Saturday night. My goodness what a crazy weekend in football, huh??? I hated seeing my Dawgs fall, especially to Auburn. Gross. And what a performance from Miami!!! There were a lot of weaknesses exposed this week from the top rated teams. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out.

This weekend just zipped right on by and I am over here scratching my head and wondering where it went??? Mine started out Friday with Chris at lunch for our anniversary day date! It was so great to spend a little time, just the two of us. He went with me to a doctor appointment I had, then we grabbed lunch at CowFish and I even stopped by Sephora to pick up my beloved moisturizer during the VIB sale.

Saturday morning we were up and heading south bright and early to meet up with our photographer at Orr Park in Montevallo for family pictures. It was a beautiful morning, and we had so much fun walking around the park and capturing some special moments. Our photographer is amazing to work with, and if you are local and looking for someone….I will most definitely share her information with you! She already has our pictures back to us and I cant wait to put them all over our house!

We were starving after all the photo excitement, and stopped off for some lunch before heading over to Chris’s parentsĀ  house to watch some football.

Sunday morning, Chris decided to head to the grocery store with us. He picked up the special edition Xbox One X that he pre-orded while we were out. Zoe was patiently waiting in her stroller big girl style as daddy selected some games.

And the rest of the weekend pretty much looked like this….

and this…

and this….with our nose in books. Zoe takes her reading time serious.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! Linking up with Biana this morning.