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weekend shenanigans

weekend shenanigans

Weekending Things

Hey there, Spring! It is supposed to be 75 here today, so totally appropriate to ring in the new season! Pretty crazy that just a few days ago we woke up to 17 degrees. Whose allergies are going nuts like mine? Woof. We had a lot of fun this weekend!

Saturday we headed out to get Chris some new clothes. He was swimming in some of his clothes since he had lost a lot of weight this past year, and some of his other clothes were just worn. He found some great things at Belk, Clarks and Nordstrom Rack! We decided to head over to Outback for a late lunch/early dinner. There was all kinds of chaos going on in the parking lot. Two fire trucks, several ambulances and a whole lot of cops. When we left we looked over at where everything was going on and it appeared that the entire store front window of Dick’s was gone and caution tape was up. They were loading a car that’s front end was basically gone onto a tow truck. Soooo I am guessing the car crashed into the store? How does that even happen?? Put your phones down people!

It was quite the scene. You know what wasn’t quite awesome….our experience at Outback. Our waitress pretty much sucked, Chris’s steak was so nasty he took one bite and was done, and we watched the servers push around the trays instead of carrying them. Isn’t that a little lazy?It wouldn’t have been that a big a deal but it was really distracting at they kept pushing by us. I ordered the steakhouse salad, which was much better than Chris’s meal. Zoe had a total meltdown there though. I think she felt our bad vibes. And desperately needed a nap. Man she fights those hard these days!

Saturday night we came home and watched Office Christmas Party. It had it’s funny moments. She 100% made the movie!

Image result for office christmas party kia quote

Favorite quote: God would drive a Kia.

I made some Gorgonzola gnocchi since our lunch/dinner left much to be desired.

Sunday morning I got some cleaning done while Zoe napped and then we headed out to do our grocery shopping and pick up a few things at TJ Maxx. We grabbed some Moes BBQ to bring home for lunch and dinner. Yum! 

Zoe and I had a fun little photo shoot on Saturday. I was just playing with her little tutu. She’s such a cutie.

We also had a silly little selfie session after one of her feedings. She cracks me up.

And that was basically our weekend. I hope you all had a great one! Linking up with Biana.

weekend shenanigans

Shenanigans and Such

Why is the time change still a thing? Does anyone actually like getting your schedule messed up twice a year??? Also, did you know that babies and dogs have no regard for such changes? Exhibit A:

I feel you Z, I feel you!

Regardless of the loss of an hour of sleep, which is really just humorous at this point….there have been a lot of fun things going on around here lately!!! My mom came to visit Z and I and took us out for lunch and shopping. I got a new shirt and dress and we got Z some stuff for her Easter basket! Speaking of Easter, I ordered the cutest basket from Pottery Barn Kids that I cant wait to show you!!

Chris started looking at new cars this weekend. He wants to join the SUV club too! Looking for new cars is always so fun but daunting. Sort of like looking for a house. It’s a big financial commitment and you want to make sure you aren’t getting screwed.

My sister and my dad both stopped by (separately) to see Little Z this weekend. I have seen my family more since having a baby, than I have the last 7 years living in this state! Having a baby gives you some leverage!

I started working out again last week!!! Man, were my legs sore for about three days after! Eating has also looked a lot like this….

I have a good 10 pounds to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and a whole lot more pounds and tightening to get back to pre-pregnancy shape and better!! Having to cut the grass soon should help with the cardio!

Speaking of grass, what the fuck is up with the weather????? I am all, is it going to be hot or cold today and Birmingham is all BOTH! I don’t even know how to dress for this but whatever, I make it up as I go. Doesn’t stop my allergies though, am I right?!

Some other scenes from the weekend….

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! Let’s do this Monday! Linking up with Biana.

weekend shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

Mondays. Am I right??? The first weekend of March sure did come flying through and barely stopped, am I right?! We kicked off the weekend with some take out from our local BBQ place. It has become a Friday staple as of lately. Plus, it is nice to not have to cook something after a long week of work!

Saturday we ran some errands, Chris got a bad ass new laptop, and we had some Mexican for a late lunch/early dinner and stopped by my SIL house for a little bit to visit. Zoe may or may not have had a complete meltdown over there because she has been fighting her naps lately. Fun times.

Zoe also turned three months old on Saturday and we had a little mini photo shoot in her room where she cracked me up!!! I will be sharing those pictures later this week. I can see how these are going to get progressively harder each month as the little wiggle worm learns how to move faster!

Sunday was meal planning, grocery shopping and I made this bad boy….

This is an ancient grain naan with leftover pulled pork (from Friday), BBQ sauce, bacon and blue cheese. I put it in the oven at 400 degrees for 12 minutes and it was delicious!!!!

The rest of the weekend looked like this…

I attempted to work out, even put on workout clothes but then this happened….

Pay no attention to the no makeup face. Or the black under eyes for days. #yikes

And while I was moving stuff around in my office, someone was sitting on the job. Quite literally.

Clearly I need harder working assistants than these two that use their cute looks to get through life.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! Linking up with Biana.

weekend shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

Another weekend in the books! I had a good combination of staying in and going out this weekend. On Friday my Sephora order came in the mail. Hello Peach Palette!!! I have only used it twice, but the colors are so gorgeous!!! And the palette smells amazing. I highly recommend it! They were doing a Glam Glow deluxe sample for VIB members and I was so excited for the extra bonus. I will let you know my thoughts on those when I get around to using them.

Friday afternoon my mom stopped by for awhile to see Zoe and hang out with me. She spoiled Zoe with alllllll the things. New clothes, six Dr Seuss books and a bunny! Between her and my sister, Zoe really racked up this week!

You guys, did you know they make baby rompers??? I cant even get over how cute these are! They are 6 and 9 month sizes so it will be awhile until she can wear them, but I cant wait to see her in them!!!

Speaking of seeing her in adorable things, she has moved up to 3 month sized items and she got to sport Andrea’s adorable outfit yesterday!

Saturday morning I got some cleaning in while Zoe napped. We pretty much hung around the house all day, and Saturday evening I ran to Dollar General to pick up some noodles for spaghetti and our favorite Sweet Red wine from Spring Creek. Seriously you guys, I know there are about 10 Dollar Generals within a 15 mile radius of your house….do yourself a favor and grab a bottle of this!

Sunday, Zoe and I met up with Laura at Nordstrom Rack. Can you believe she had never been?!?!  I think I converted her. I learned that Laura and I are basically the same shopper with the same shopping habits and tastes in clothes. Not that this should have come as a surprise. I scored a mega deal on a pair of Asics!!! They were on clearance and an additional 25% off the lowest price!!! Then when I was at Target I scored an additional 25% off clearance work out gear!! I really needed some new things. Honestly, I needed new workout gear before I got pregnant but I made that stuff last through my pregnancy and finally got a few replacement pieces now. Hopefully that is the final motivation I need to get my ass back in shape.

All of the items you see pictured here was less than $80 total. Two tops, a pair of capris, two sports bras, running socks and shoes. The bargain shopper in me rejoices!!!

Sunday evening I created a new chicken recipe inspired by Chris’s low carb diet. No bread crumbs were harmed in the making of these baked chicken fingers. They were pretty tasty!!! A side of Parmesan asparagus never hurt anyone either!

I will share the recipe on the blog soon! And now I leave you with how I feel in the form of a Zoe picture…

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!

Linking up with Biana.

weekend shenanigans

Weekend Shenanigans

Hello, middle of February. What?! This weekend came and went so quickly! Don’t they always? I saw so many snow pictures on Instagram from all you ladies up north and you know what we were doing here? Turning on our air conditioning and wearing short sleeves with temps over 70 degrees! But then it dropped to 40 last night and I woke up this morning to it being 66 inside our house. Southern problems.

Zoe had her two month wellness check up on Friday. She did real well during the whole thing, until it was time for her vaccines. My poor baby! She was all smiles and then the mean nurse stuck her in her thigh two times and she screamed and made noises I have never heard come out of her. She then proceeded to give me the “I trusted you” side eye while I was trying to get her dressed again. I don’t know if it was harder on her or me?!

Chris and I stopped by Target and Best Buy after and then picked up Marcos pizza to take home since out little bear was tired.

See, she was still not amused when we got home….

Saturday we headed to Babies R Us to return a few things that we aren’t going to us. It’s funny when you create a registry and think something is so important, but then you never even open it! We picked up a humidifier and a Bumbo seat while we were there. Look at my big girl sitting up all on her own with this thing!

Zoe fell asleep, so Chris suggested we go to Outback and share some cheesy fries and a drink. It was almost like a date since someone slept the entire time. We ordered some coconut popcorn shrimp as well, and I got a strawberry peach sangria. It was delicious!

Sunday was all about meal planning and grocery shopping. I ordered the Molten Chocolate Frappucino since it was only out for a limited time. It was delicious and not as sweet as I thought it was going to be which is a good thing. Any moms out there have any tips on how to have more space while grocery shopping with a car seat??? Zoe’s doesn’t have anything I can hook it to up in the child seat so I am walking around strategically placing things all around her. Luckily I haven’t had a grocery avalanche yet, but it is only a matter of time. I know it will get easier when she can sit in the seat and we wont have to worry about her carrier.

We also grabbed a few things for Zoe for Vday at JcPenney. I went looking for something for me and came out with something for her. Of course! She is in 3 month clothes right now, but I figure in two months when it is warm all the time she will probably be in the next size up so I went with that. Besides, 6 months was the smallest tutu that they had and I wasn’t passing that up!! I got all three of these items and a work out tank for me for $17.12!! If that isn’t a bargain, I don’t know what is.

For seven years I have made Chris lasagna for Valentine’s Day. This year is no different. I actually made it last night and we will have it left over Tuesday. I don’t get home until 7pm the nights I go to the office since I have to go pick up Zoe, and lasagna take some time.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Linking up with Biana.