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friday favorites

friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Yanny or Laurel, anyone? Obviously it is Laurel, I am not an animal. It has been a week. Work is busy, adulting is hard, it has been rainy and gross, and I am ready for the weekend! I am not sure what we are doing this weekend, I am just glad to have a little break!

Favorite Moments: Chris’s birthday was Monday. Every year, we each pick up two slices of cookie cake for each other’s birthdays. Cookie cake is LIFE! We choose to do individual slices because there is zero self control (at least on my end) when it comes to cookie cake sitting around. It sucks when your birthday falls on a Monday, but this hopefully made it a little better!

On Tuesday, my cube neighbor brought me beautiful hydrangeas. How sweet is she????? They still look like this today!

Laura and I hit up Urban Cookhouse on Wednesday for lunch. It is highly likely that I will order the Very Berry Salad with grilled turkey every. single. time. SO GOOD. What is it about salad from a restaurant that is so much better than one you can make at home?

Laura brought me the cutest cup back from her trip to San Fran, and she got Zoe a super fun purple tshirt that received squeals when presented to her. I love coffee cups that are big enough to hold 12 ounces and some frothed milk 🙂 

Zoe and I stopped for some frozen yogurt at Yogurt Mountain that afternoon. She was so excited when she saw all the different toppings and yogurt flavors. She kept pointing and saying “me me me me!!!!” She was more excited about her blueberries and nilla wafer than the actual yogurt itself. She loved sitting there though, she is such a people watcher. I am sure we will visit a few times this summer.

Her eye is a little swollen in these pictures, we had a doctors appointment to get it checked out. Silly allergies. 

Yesterday I had lunch at Farm Bowl with a friend. Having an acai bowl for lunch is seriously such a treat! I cant even tell  you how many times I laughed. So good for the soul.

Favorite Recipe: How good does this sweet potato enchilada skillet look?

Spiralized Sweet Potato Enchilada Skillet, an easy vegetarian dinner recipe made with spiralizer sweet potato noodles that cooks in one pot and is ready in 30 minutes!

Favorite Lust: These double frayed jeans from the Loft are so cute on. I regret not purchasing them when I was there last week and might need to go back for them next time they are running a sale.

I really like the height of these wedges. They aren’t very high at all, and the ankle strap is stretchy with no buckle. The gunmetal color would match so many things. I saw them at Macy’s, but I know other places carry them also. Thoughts?

Image result for Arnette Embellished Wedge SandalsFavorite Funnies:

Isn't this the way you are supposed to measure peanut butter? I'm confused...

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friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday!!!! Can you believe we are already through the middle of May??? Chris’s birthday is on Monday, so I am hoping we can celebrate some this weekend. Last year, work ruined his birthday weekend and we barely even got to see him, yet alone do anything special. I keep forgetting that it is Mother’s Day weekend too.

Favorite Moments: One of my friends saw my pictures of Brat Brot and said she wanted to try it out with me.  Twist my arm!!! Being the good friend that I am, I accompanied her on Tuesday for lunch. This time I got the foot long frankfurter and Bavarian Potato Salat (which was basically a german potato salad that was vinegar based with BACON!!!!) It was sooooo delicious! The frankfurter had some kind of smoked mayo and curry ketchup on it. Plus that mustard? Yes, please. This time I just opted for an ice cold root beer. Next time I want to try the Colaweizen (which is Tucher Hefe and Coca-Cola.) Sounds lovely.

Lately, Zoe has been little miss independent. She likes to walk to the car in the evenings when I come pick her up, instead of being carried. She stops in the hallway outside her class door and puts her hand up in the air for me to hold it….and she walks out to the car saying hello to every person who passes us. If they don’t say hi back, she yells “hey! Hey! Hey!” until they do. (I mean, WTF is wrong with the people who ignore a tiny little human who is trying to say hi to you????) And she stops to look at the bushes and plants on the walk. Every day. She takes such delight in it. Like it is the first bush she has ever seen in her life. She likes to point at different sections of it, showing me how all the leaves look just a little different. Reminds me that we all need to stop and smell the roses more.

Her hair is starting to grow out now. It is longer in the back now, touching past the collar of her shirts. I am going to have to start learning how to do hair soon! Any mamas that have any advice, throw it my way! Poor kid has my super baby fine hair. So there isn’t much of it.

Favorite Recipe: Chris made up our meal plan this week. On Wednesday, he had this Chicken Avocados Taco recipe on the menu for dinner. You guys!!! TACO STUFFED AVAOCADOS?!?!?!!? Just get on this ASAP. Trust!!!!!

And for those of you who are all, I am not the best cook. I dont have time. This literally was done in under 20 minutes because you use a rotisserie chicken. The hardest thing for me was pitting my not yet ripe avocados. So drop your excuses and just do it! 

Chicken Taco AvocadosDelish

Favorite Lusts: Last week I went to Loft because they were having a 40% off sale and I am in some serious need of some wardrobe staples. I picked up this short sleeve black swing dress and it is the nicest material!!!! Reminds me why it is better to pay more for better quality. I am looking at you, Old Navy.

When I was there, I saw this dress and fell in love!!! Unfortunately, they are sold out of my size in stores and online right now. Please restock!!!!

I think this bar back dress is really cute too! Can you tell I like solids?

I also saw this beautiful beaded split neck blouse there, but again, had none in my size. How gorgeous is this??? I wonder if you can see through it? Why is everything so damn see through these days??? It is already in the 90’s here. I cant be wearing multiple layers in this heat! I just loved the color, and the tiny little colored bead detailing around the edges was so cute!

Favorite Funnies:

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I’m pretty funny ‍♀️ lol

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Linking up with Amanda. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

favorites, friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Hey there! Friday couldn’t seem to get here fast enough, am I right? The rain has moved out and it is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend down here in the south! I am not sure what the plans are this weekend, but I know for certain I am going to soak up some nice weather.

Favorite Moments: Laura and I met up  for an on the fly lunch at Avondale CommonHouse to celebrate some good news for her. We both tried the Buffalo Cauliflower Po’Boy and shared the Bruleed Banana Pudding. Cream Brulee and banana pudding are my top two favorite desserts ever. So when you combine them??? Magic you guys. Pure magic.

Yesterday Chris texted me asking if I had ever been to Brat Brot. It is a new Biergarten and sausage house that just opened literally RIGHT behind my office building. He had sent me a few pictures of the inside of the place, so I went and grabbed two of my co-workers and decided to crash his party. I ordered a radler which was made with a delicious pilsner and blood orange sparkling water. OMG It was so good!!! This has to be the coolest place ever!! I cant believe I can just walk to it anytime I please from the office. Definitely going to go back to try out the food. Laura, wanna do lunch there next week???

Favorite New Beauty Products: I have always been a big time fan of Lancome. I switch between their foundation and Estee Lauder as my two holy grails. Influenster sent me a VoxBox of a bunch of new products from Lancome and I squealed in delight when I opened them!!! You guys!!! I am so excited to share some of these with you.  I have been using all of them for two weeks now and these are definitely something you are going to want to check out!!!

The Skin Feels Good tinted glow moisturizer is amazing!!!! It reminds me of IT CC Cream only about a million times better. The IT CC Cream never settles in to my skin so I can’t really make it work for me. This stuff is a light weight SPF tinted moisturizer that really provides a light/medium coverage. It has a good smell to it and it stays allllll day long on me. I am going to LIVE in this stuff for the spring summer! The color they sent me (01C Cool Porcelain) was perfect!

The Lancome – Advanced Genifique Sensitive Antioxidant Serum has been a game changer as far as makeup application goes. I never wear a primer because they never do anything for my skin. I put this stuff on under all my other face treatments in the morning and notice a huge difference in how my makeup looks when I am finished. MUCH smoother appearance!!! A little drop of this stuff goes a long way, so I see the bottle lasting a really long time.

Next up was the Lancôme – Renergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Firming and Dark Spot Correcting Moisturizer SPF 30 which is another amazing product! Super light weight, but also very moisturizing. I love my Clinique moisturizer, but it has zero SPF and will not work for me in the summer. I think an SPF 30 moisturizer that is working to combat my dark spots is a wonderful switch up. I am loving this stuff and have had no adverse effects since starting it and you all know I have sensitive, finicky skin.

Last but not least is the lipgloss!!!! The Lancome – Prismatic Plump Lip Gloss is sooooooo stinking cool!!!! They sent me the shade Effervescent, which is like a lavender/pink holographic color that looks so neat by itself, or over any of your favorite colors. I am seriously so impressed with this stuff and plan to purchase a few more. Though, I have to say the color I got is my favorite. It feels so good and nourishing on my lips and it really gives a multidimensional effect!

Favorite Read: I am majorly lacking in passion and creativity lately. Of course, I have a huge passion for my husband and daughter. I love being a  mom more than anything I have ever done. But when I am at work, or after Zoe goes to bed…I just exist. I am doing the bare minimum to get by. I have zero light burning inside of me. I feel unbalanced and unmotivated. I read this post on how to find what you are passionate about as an adult, and it really resonated with me. If you are feeling this way, please tell me I am not alone. Or if you have been there, what did you do to make it better?

Favorite Recipe: How yummy and easy does this look for a snack??

Pepperoni and Cream Cheese Pizza Rolls - Gluten Free, Low Carb from

Food For Thought:

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Favorite Funnies:

Me: Please don't do that My toddler: Does it harder, whilst looking me in the eye and smiling #parenting #momlife #mumlife #memes #parentingmemes #funny #lol #mom #toddlers

Meh... same thing, right?

It’s a very rare condition.

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Linking up with Amanda. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

favorites, friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Friday, it is about time! I am so ready for a weekend right now. Just a few more hours and we are freeee! For two days, anyways. It is supposed to be rainy and gross Sunday through mid-week so I am going to have to take advantage of today and tomorrow!

Favorite Moments:I received a super sweet package in the mail from Lindsay this week! I cant even begin to tell you how thankful I am that blogging has lead me to wonderful friends like her. I cant wait to enjoy the amazing smelling bath bomb that is inside that box!!!

I had a rough day Tuesday and I decided that I was going to stop letting shit get to me and focus on the positive. I stopped by Saigon and grabbed a Thai tea and headed back to the office with a positive attitude. Sometimes you just need a little something to push you through.

We had some delicious meals this week! We had sloppy joes over baked potatoes, taco bowls, and peanut butter chicken with thai quinoa slaw this week. Just look at those gorgeous colors in that slaw!! I will get the recipe up soon.

Favorite Recipe: How delicious do these Greek quinoa bowls look??? Thinking they need to happen for lunch next week.

Favorite Sephora Picks: The Sephora sale starts today!!! I have actually replaced a lot of things recently, and don’t really need anything right now. Doesn’t mean I am not cruising the site today to have a little looksie. Recently I splurged and got the Brazilian Bum Bum cream that I have been wanting forever. This stuff smells soooooooo amazing and makes my skin so soft!!! I highly recommend this little bit of luxury in the mornings. Totally worth it.

Some of my ride or die favorites are the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion, the Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Stick in Sand Dune is an amazing every day color, the cult favorite NARS Orgasm Blush, full coverage Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation that lasts all day long even in the south’s awful humidity, the Elizabeth and James Bourbon Rollerball is my absolute favorite every day fragrance that is perfect for the office,  and the best liquid lipstick I have ever found….Kat Von D in Lovesick. What are some of your favorites??

Favorite Lust: I am in need of some sandals, bad! I also am in need of a serious pedicure, that is neither here nor there. What are you favorite at home fixes for awful looking feet? I feel like nothing I have works anymore. Anyways, Michael Kors is one of my favorite shoe designers. They are relatively affordable for designer brand, and every pair I have ever owned are seriously comfortable and last a long time. I have my eye on these black/gold plated sandals...

And the Penelope Wedge that is on sale at Belk and Nordstroms right now. They come in a gold color, as well as black. I really like the black. I have dressier black wedges and I need a more casual pair like this.

Image result for michael kors penelope wedge

Also, how amazing are these Carlos wedges????? They have rose gold and gold. I am leaning towards rose gold. They are such an amazing price at Nordstrom Rack! I love knowing that if I order them and they aren’t comfy, I can take them back to my local store no problems.


Favorite Funnies:

OMG- hysterical @Angie Miller - my advise to the boys and IN PARTICULAR Addy!

Whoop, whoop!


58 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes

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favorites, friday favorites

Friday Favorites

I am not sure what is going on, but I have had some problems with my blog this week. It was done off and on the last few days, and I wasn’t able to get my recipe post up for the keto pizza skillet or anything else. I will get that up next week, I promise! So many of you mentioned you would like to try it. In other news, it has just been another busy week with work and life, you know. The usual adulting. It has been in the 70s-80s the last few days, so that has been nice. Though, we are supposed to have severe weather tomorrow. Again. So over that.

Favorite Memories: Zoe had super hero day at school. To keep from being that mom who doesn’t participate in the fun events, I headed out to Target and found the most perfect Wonder Woman outfit for her. She looks adorable and everyone made a fuss when we walked in the door.

We had some good eats this week. I made the keto cheeseburger skillet last night, we had egg roll in a bowl, salads, kung pao chicken and tonight is braised pork chops. I managed to squeeze in a last minute impromptu lunch at Babalu with Laura and I grabbed an acai bowl from Farm Bowl the day I ran to Target on lunch.

Favorite Recipe: This “healthy” take on Irish Nachos has me totally interested. YUMMMMM

A healthier twist on an Irish pub favorite – dangerously good!!

Favorite Purchase: I am in need of a few spring/summer pieces to replace some stuff that is worn or ill fitting. I found this adorable Style & CO A-Line dress from Macy’s on sale for half off. The fabric is so soft and flowy and the color is absolutely gorgeous (uniform blue). I really love the length of this, as most dresses I deem too short.

I have my eye on this white denim jacket. It was a great length and very stretchy denim, so very comfortable. I am waiting for it to go back on sale. I should have scooped it up with the dress because that day it was under $30!!!


Have you tried the Brazilian Bum Bum cream from Sephora??? This stuff is seriously amazing. It smells so good and makes my skin so soft. With the VIB sale coming up, its totally worth the splurge.

Favorite Funnies:


54 Of Today’s Freshest Pics And Memes

I talk an awful lot of smack for someone who tips over when putting on their underwear.

30 Must-Read Funny Quotes for Wine Time

LOL Very accurate!  I remember those days.

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Your real homies.


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