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Friday Favorites

I went to schedule this post and realized it is St Patrick’s Day! Happy St Patrick’s Day!! Since I am part Irish, clearly I need to celebrate it in some way right? I feel like this week just went rushing right on by. Even work hours. I was busy busy busy. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Favorite Moments:

–A few coworkers and I headed over to the new Pizitz Food Hall downtown to check out the food court there. It was really cool. While I wasn’t super impressed with the meal I ordered from Choza, I am sure to go back and try some other things!!! I got three tacos, a chorizo, chicken and steak. I hate corn tortillas and didn’t realize that is what they would be. Despite that, the chorizo taco was good and had a real kick to it. The steak one was alright. The chicken one was really  bland. I think next time if I go to that particular place, I would get a bowl instead. There is a bar set up in the middle of everything and several other restaurants I am dying to try!!! There are both an Ethiopian and Jerusalem place that I want to try, as well as a fish place that has sushi bowls that Laura has convinced me I need in my life.

–Speaking of Monday, I put on pre-pregnancy clothes and they fit!! Of course, not everything in my closet fits. But my stretchy jeans and the flowy tops do and I am calling that a freaking win!

–Another win? When I met up with my Friday lunch club girls that haven’t seen me since the week before I had Zoe. They finally got to meet her and made the comment that I don’t even look like I recently had a baby. Biggest compliment there ever was.

–This Very Berry Good Salad from Urban Cookhouse is what dreams are made of. I always order it with grilled turkey and citrus vinegerette. YUM

–I took Zoe to Babies R Us to use a gift card that we received from a sweet friend. I wanted to get her some new toys because we are both bored with all her current ones. Check out her haul!

–That dancing robot thing that lights up??? I save it for tummy time. Now look who likes it!!! Check out that neck strength! (The lights are reflecting on her face, she isn’t really a pink baby lol.)

–Zoe’s high chair has been sitting in the box in a corner of her room since we received it before she arrived. I decided to go ahead and put it together yesterday because she really likes sitting up. (And I am tired of looking at the big huge box.) Look at her loving it like a big girl!!!

Favorite Recipe: I am still trying to stay Whole 30/paleo the majority of the time. I have expressed my hatred of eggs many times. Here is the perfect non egg whole 30 breakfast! I cant wait to try this.

I could eat this stuff for every meal. Okay….I actually works as breakfast, lunch, snacks or even a side dish at diner! It is definitely a whole30 and paleo breakfast staple and is a g…:


Favorite Mini Haul:I had to stop at Walgreens the other day and they were having a sale on their Wet n Wild stuff. Their brushes were 2 for $5. Um, ok!!! These brushes feel amazing and are so pretty!!! I got the blush, flat top and eyeshadow. Remind me of some higher end ones. I also have been dying to try the Lancome cushion highlighters. I didn’t want to pay the price for them, so I grabbed this one from Wet n Wild instead. It is super pretty!!!

Favorite Lusts: Even though this week has been cooler, overall it is starting to warm up around these parts. Time to start thinking about spring/summer clothing. I needed some new dresses last  year, but since I was pregnant I just wore the crap out of the few flowy ones that I had. Basically I am started from scratch now and need at least a few to get me by this coming season. How perfect is this cold shoulder one from Loft??? My issue with a lot of dresses is that the arm holes are way too big for me. Ummmmm this tie shoulder strap would be PERFECT!

I fell in love with these sandals from Target. I am just patiently waiting for their shoes to go BOGO or at least on sale. There were a few others I wanted to scoop up also. Like these. And these. And maybe these.

Favorite Purchases: Speaking of shoes at Target, I did scoop these up last week. There was only one pair left in my size, and only about five pairs total in my store. I was afraid to wait for them to go on sale and they run out. They were insanely comfy and totally matched one of the four shirts I have that fit me right now. So yay! They look cuter on than in this picture. Much fancier than my usual flip flops.

Favorite Funnies:

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Especially when bitches keep sticking their nose where it doesn't belong and making shit up. Grow up, get a life, and get the fuck out!:

It's very risky... _:

"Good" was just introvert-speak for "I have no intention of telling you how I'm doing today". How are you?:

Positive quotes about strength, and motivational:

Yes please?:

TJ Maxx, I am looking at you….


My life struggle….

#fitish #purpleclover:

Linking up with Amanda. I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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Go Ahead, Add These To Your List!

I decided that I wanted to play with Lauren and Bre for their new link up! I know I share some things on Friday Favorite posts, but any posts like this I do will be ultimate favorites. More than just my favorite for the now until the next best thing comes along haha. Anyways, let’s get to it!

Snack: Have you guys seen the Good Thins snacks in your cracker aisle yet??? I grabbed a  box of the Sweet Potato ones and yummmmmm!!!! This really hits the spot when I want something crunchy to snack on. I looked at the ingredients and nutrition facts and they really aren’t too terrible. Much better than chips, that’s for sure!

Image result for good thins sweet potato

Show: I have a lot of favorite shows, but I wanted to share one you maybe aren’t watching. Lucifer. Not only is the main guy a hottie with an amazing accent!!! (Who cares if he is the devil, right???) This show has the best soundtrack and it is action packed with some dry humor and fun plot line. Give it a try.

Image result for lucifer

Dish Soap: Raise your hand if you have super dry hands pretty much all the time. What makes it worse? Doing the dishes!!! I have been using Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap for over a year now and it has made a world of difference on my poor, dry hands! In fact, I hardly had any cracking this winter and I know it is because I am using this!!! Bonus for smelling amazing! My favorite is the Basil but I have used the Lavender several times as well and it is great too. It is made with all natural ingredients so I don’t mind washing Zoe’s bottles with it either. Which is basically what motherhood to an infant is. Washing bottles. All. Of. The. Time. So many bottles!!!!

Makeup Palette: If you can only purchase one eye shadow palette, get Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Ultimate. You can pretty much create any look you are going for without having to reach for anything else. There are great natural looking daytime colors, a few that you can use to spice it  up for evening…and everything in between. What I really appreciate is that they are matte. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shimmer now and then but most of the time I want matte. The pigment is perfect and there isn’t much fallout. I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion under it, and every shadow. A holy grail for sure.

Acne Treatment: I really missed the Kate Somerville Anti-Bac Lotion when I was pregnant!!! You wouldn’t believe the difference this little gem can make with regular use. A bottle usually lasts me about six months, so it really isn’t a steep investment if you look at it that way.

Lip Treatment: My lips are forever dry and cracking. I have tried so many different things, but I always have Vaseline Rosy Lips on hand. I have been using this stuff for years and it is really the only thing that can bring some moisture to these lips of mine!!! I love the way it smells, it adds just a hint of color and is super cheap and found everywhere! I put it on every night before bed and I can still feel it on my lips in the morning. This also works great on days I don’t want to mess with lip gloss.

Blog: I plan to share one blog that you may not be reading each month! Have you met my IRL best friend, Laura? She blogs about awesome food and beer, DIY, recipes, being a full time working mom and everything in between. She is a real life blogger, which is something that is harder to come by these days. Find her over at Alabama Graffiti. Coolest blog name ever.

Let me know some things I need to add to my list!

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Friday Favorites

I sat down last night after work and thought, “Wow, one week until Thanksgiving?!?!?!” Anyone else feel in utter disbelief? I had three people text me yesterday to ask if I was in labor. Three. No, I am not in labor! My due date is two weeks away, my doctor told me this Tuesday that she is pretty positive I will be in next Tuesday for my appointment still pregnant. Baby Watch 2016 still goes on.

This weekend we are going to get everything hung on the walls in the nursery, clean out the garage a little and I most certainly need to get our Christmas stuff up! What do you have going on?

Favorite Moments:

–Yesterday was a fun mail day! The curtains for the nursery came in and so did my VIB haul! Well, the one for myself. This doesn’t include the gifts I got because prying eyes and all.


–I have treated myself to some Dunkin Donuts coffee pretty much after every doctor appointment this entire pregnancy, this Tuesday I added a blueberry donut to it. Why not?


On the drive to the Dunkin Donuts I passed this place and felt like I was transported back in time. I had to take a double look. Glad to know if I had a typewriter, it could still be repaired?


–Grabbed lunch at Tazikis with a few friends yesterday. Had no time to grab a picture of my salad because I dove right in, but here is the hummus we shared. They have the BEST hummus out of anyone. I am at that point in my pregnancy where every time someone sees me, they think it might be the last time before baby.


–This guy is a mess. Grooming appointment set for ASAP.


Favorite Song: I think it is that time of year where I can start sharing some Christmas tunes each week!!! Have you heard the Pentatonix version of Hallelujah? If not, you seriously need to get on this. It is incredible.

Favorite Recipe: These BBQ Pork Taquitos look and sound so amazing! A nice switch up from the usual beef or chicken, right???

Cheesy Baked BBQ Pork Taquitos -these are SO addicting! My entire family loved them and is already begging me to make them again! and don't skip the Chipotle Ranch - its incredible! via @carlsbadcraving:


Favorite Lust: I am dreaming of the day when my fat, swollen pregnant hooves go back to looking like actual feet and fit in normal shoes!!!! I want to be able to wear some booties like these.

And like how cute are these?

I would even be happy to fit in some shoes I could walk in like these

I literally have two pairs of flip flops and one pair of MK flats that I have stretched to ruins this past month that I can wear. That is it. It is a sad day getting dressed.

Favorite Links:

Aldi is getting even more organic. I really need to check out my local one. It has been years since I have been inside one.–

–I always read articles that talk about awesome drugstore products because I am no snob when it comes to things that actually work.

Favorite Funnies:


Funny Pictures (7)

Funny Pictures (13)

I have legit done this…

Just bumped into mannequin & said "Sorry". Then said "Oh I thought you were a person". Then realized I was still speaking to a mannequin:

The wrong subway. :: xLaurieClarkex~ aww.. Lettuce not make the tomato cry.. That's what onions do. ;-):


Or at least this is how I used to be. Insert bakery or something while pregnant….

Funny Pictures (18)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Linking up with Amanda.

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Friday Favorites

Who else is excited that the Sephora VIB sale starts today?!?! Just in time because I am literally scraping the bottom of my foundation this morning!!! Somehow we are creeping up on the middle of November already and you can tell because all the Black Friday ads are starting to leak and stores are having early Black Friday preview sales. Did you catch the one Target did with Cartwheel yesterday? There were a few things I saw on it but I never made my way over there. Bummer, but I am sure there will be others!

This weekend Alabama plays Mississippi state at 11am. Early game! Does anyone else hate Mississippi State games because of the annoying cow bells? Those things hurt my head!!! Other than that, we have a few things to get done around the house and some anniversary celebrating to do.

Favorite Moments:

–Monday, Laura and I finally had our burger date at Jack Brown’s. It was extra delicious and enjoyed since it was on a Monday. I ordered my favorite, the Danny Laruso, that has cream cheese and pepper jelly on it with a side of sweet potato fries and their crack sauce. Annnnnd of course we had to get fried oreos for dessert because Mondays!



–Got my first Peppermint Mocha of the season on my way to the office yesterday and got a little more in the holiday spirit with the red cup and one of my fall/winter purses. Do you have certain purses you carry during certain seasons?


–This guy! The top left picture is him doing his daily “PC” (perimeter check) around the yard. And the other ones? Such a ham, right?


Favorite Delivery: I received the Cozy Voxbox in the mail from Influenster. There were a few products in the box I was already familiar with, but always happy to receive!! And a few new to me things.


Simple Wipes – Love these! My favorite of the make-up wipes! I actually had just finished a package and bought a new one, so I am saving these for my hospital stay.

Daisy Sour Cream – A staple on taco night, am I right? What I really loved about this specific one is the squeeze tube it comes in. MAJOR game changer for tacos, nachos, and anything you are trying to dress up with some! The only down side is they gave me a free coupon for this and the coupon didn’t work so I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t get mine free and I am still praising the tube packaging so you know it is good.

Country Crock – Another household staple. What more can you say about it?

Pilot Frixon Clicker Pens – Who doesn’t want fun new pens?!?! Am I the only one who gets excited about office supplies? I just loved the way these wrote and that they have the comfort grip on them. They are erasable and they say they are retractable but I can’t figure out how to retract them? Mine might be broken in that department but they still write great!

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color in Keep Up The Flame – While this color isn’t something that I would normally grab for myself, I am more of a nude, pink or berry girl….the staying power on this one is pretty good! It has a double-sided two step tube to lock in the color.

Ebates – I have never used Ebates in the past. Mainly because I used to not do a ton of shopping online other than Amazon. Now that I have a baby coming, I see my love for stores changing at least a little and am signing up!

Favorite Recipe: Since our anniversary was on a Thursday, we decided to wait and celebrate this weekend. It has been a tradition for me to make homemade lasagna every year so I might be pulling this recipe back out! Yum!!!

Favorite Lusts: After high praise from Katie and Mattie, I put these leggings at the top of my Christmas list. According to them, the thick waste band makes them super comfortable, they stay up and you can see right through them. And the price isn’t too terrible either. Everything I ask for in a legging!

Favorite Links:

–I love looking at gift lists to get some ideas not only for gifts, but find cool products I never knew existed. This Real Simple Tech Guide has some great ideas on it!

Favorite Funnies:


I love that when I’m with you, I don’t have to pretend I’m a nice person. That shit’s exhausting. | Snarkecards:


My life:

Yep! This happens EVERYTIME it rains, snows, the wind blows, it's too cold, it's…:

.Here's to all the people that remain unharmed coffee and humor:



I want to thank all the Veterans out there for their service. I hate that there are people out there burning the very flag that they fought so hard to protect. Let’s have some respect for our country and not burn our flag!!! That solves nothing. Instead, go put some good out into the world and thank a Vet. 

Linking up with Amanda. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday Favorites

I swear Tuesday felt like it should have been Thursday this week, so needless to say it seemed long! I am glad Friday is here! I have a lunch date with Laura today and we are going to watch the Alabama vs LSU game tomorrow and get some stuff done around the house and nursery so it should be a productive weekend. The high today is supposedly “only” 77, so maybe some cooler air is in the cards for us? Please!!!! I am so ready for some fall weather! What do you have on deck for the weekend?

Favorite Moments:

–Having lunch with a few sweet friends yesterday at Hickory Tavern. It had been since May since I had seen one of them and that is far too long! A delicious cheese steak sandwich never hurt anyone either.


–All of the holiday sales catalogs have been rolling in this week!!! I absolutely love looking through them and receiving all their coupons! Does anyone else remember getting the toy ones in the mail when they were little and circling everything they wanted?


–Hanging out with this guy, as always. The bottom right picture was from last night. Mac was sitting on me but staring at Chris on the couch. I was like, Mac has been staring at you for like five minutes now. A few minutes later Chris goes, he really is staring at me! And the moment Chris said that Mac jumped ship over to him. He was waiting for an invite I think. The little dude is due for a grooming. I have been waiting to get it as close to before baby comes as possible so his nails are freshly clipped!


Favorite Recipe: I found this giant meatball recipe yesterday. It would meat the low carb requirements for Chris and give me some much needed protein so I say it needs to happen soon!

This isn't your regular meatball, it's HUGE, baked in the oven similar to how you would make a meatloaf, then topped with marinara and melted cheese – I'm OBSESSED!:


Favorite Lust: The Sephora VIB sale is next week!!! Here are a few things I have my eye on. Tell me what you have on your list!!!


-Heard so many great things about Kat Von D and especially the tattoo liner.

-I am almost out of my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation so now is the perfect time to stock up on essentials like this!!! Hands down my favorite foundation ever. I have tried so many and came back to this one. It has the best coverage and colors that actually match my skin.

–Somehow I have made it this long without any real highlighters and I really want to try some. I think this Becca Glow kit would be a perfect place to start for the price!

–I can’t remember if I loved Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet or Miss Dior Blooming but I know one of these two smells so amazing and I really want a bottle!

Favorite Links:

–So let me get this straight….it is ok to expect woman to experience all the awful side effects of birth control but some men are pulling out of the trial because of the things we have been complaining about for years and years?!?!

Image result for not amused gif

–Remember Soul Asylum? I loved Run Away Train and I found this article pretty interesting about the lost children of their music video.

Favorite Funnies:

I think we all know I am Elf in this…




Cuz frankly i really don't flippin care what you are doing! So stop calling me and acting like we are friends. Since we both know you just feel the need to "keep tabs" on what I'm up to so you can compete!:




I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I am off to Starbucks for my first Caramel Brulee Latte of the season. Easily one of my favorite season drinks besides the butterscotch!

Linking up with Amanda.