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Five Months


A week ago you turned five months old. Five months. I don’t even know how that is possible. Yet here we are. I have to say, your doctor was right. The four to sixth month age has been my favorite so far! You are discovering and learning new things all the time. Your personality is coming out more and more. I think we finally have you on somewhat of a schedule. *crosses fingers* And this month has been filled with smiles and giggles and squeals. Sqealing is your new favorite.

Nicknames:Little Z, Z, Zoe Bear, Bear, Cheeks, Lovey, Little Miss

Loves: Chewing on your fingers, squealing, smiling, giggling, pulling mommy’s hair, your O-Ball, Mickey Mouse and Sophia the First, “standing,” bouncing in your jumper and laying on your activity mat.

Hates: Naps. You are still fighting most of your naps like crazy!!! Can mommy have them then, please??? You also don’t like to hear yelling. I took you to your cousin’s baseball game and every time someone shouted, you had a complete breakdown. We had to leave early. You better get over that before football season my love. We are Bama fans and we are loud.

Milestones: You pretty much can grab anything that you want these days. You can sit up unassisted by us, with your hands on the seat in front of you to balance yourself. You have held your bottle alone a few times. Not only are you rolling without any issues, you also move a lot when you roll. This past month you started sleeping in your crib in your own room. I think it was harder on me than you. It only took about 3 or 4 nights and you had it all figured out.

Clothing: You are still wearing size 2 diapers and either 3-6 or 6 month clothing. A few 6-9 month things as well.

Feeding: I think we are finally on a feeding/sleeping schedule. You take 5 ounces around 630am, 800am, 1130am, 2pm, 530pm and 7pm. You go down for your morning nap around 830-900am and your afternoon nap after your 2pm bottle. You usually go down for bed after your 630-700 pm bottle and sleep until 630am the next morning.

Looks: Your eyes have stayed the same light blue this past month, and your hair has gotten even lighter. I have noticed that you are losing your baby hair.

Things I want to remember from this month…

–The way your eyes light up and you smile so big and proud when you roll over onto your tummy.

–How you sleep on your side with your arm bent up around your head for hours.

–The way you smile, open your mouth and close your eyes when I lean down for a kiss.

–How you smile when I say bless you when you sneeze.

–The way you run your little hand up and down your bottle when you are tired.

–The way you reach up grab my cheek and mouth, or pat my face. Especially when you are feeding.

–Your giggle and how when you get really excited you snort laugh.

–How excited you get when I “stand” you on my lap. You squeal and bounce on your legs so much!

–How obsessed you are with the “Zoe” door sign that your Aunt Tracy made you. After every nap and diaper change you see it and want to go over and for me to say the letters out loud and point to them for you.

–When we stand near the refrigerator you look at all the pictures of your cousins and then I say “where’s daddy” and you put your tiny little hand on his picture and just stare and smile. You also like to look at your sonogram picture of baby Zoe in mommy’s tummy.

And now for some comparisons!

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Body Image

I can’t remember a time in my life when I looked in the mirror and thought, damn I look good! I have struggled with weight and body image my entire life. Looking back, I can see times where I was so hard on myself for no reason at all. And there were times that yeah, I could have lost a few pounds…but I was being way too hard on myself.

The thing is, I can’t have body image issues anymore. You guys, I have a daughter. I am terrified of her growing up having the same issues I had. I want her to be proud of her self and her body. I don’t want her to have anxiety about going to a pool party or changing in gym class. I don’t ever want her to stare in the mirror and think she is less just because she doesn’t look exactly like she wants to. But the thing is, how do you raise them with healthy thoughts? Society is eventually going to make her feel bad about something.

If Zoe sees me looking in the mirror and scrunching my nose at myself, if she sees me constantly adjusting my clothes because I don’t feel comfortable, what does that tell her? If she hears me joke about how I can’t have this or that because I am fat…what is she going to think.

From now on, I have to look in the mirror and smile. Sure, I have my flaws but you know what…I am pretty damn proud of this body. This body grew and nurtured my daughter for 40 weeks and two days. Those stretch marks and c-section scars are battle scars to be proud of, not ashamed of. These arms held her at night and gave her lots of hugs. These eyes saw the beauty and amazement of her. These legs take us to the grocery store, to the park, our for fun. And while I am far from perfect, I need to be proud of what I have. Thankful that I am healthy and able to lift my daughter in the air to hear her giggle. That I can get down on the ground and be silly with her.

I want her to see me working out and eating healthy, because I take care of my self. Not because I feel like I have to for looks. I want her to grow up making healthy choices because it is good for her, not because she is trying to fit some mold she has set for herself. I want her to know that it is ok to enjoy a cookie or cupcake and not be ashamed. I want her to have some physical activities in her life because they are fun.

I am putting all of this out here to remind you that when you have little ones around, don’t sit there and pick at your insecurities. You may not realize what type of message you are sending out to them. After all you are their mom/aunt/friend and they think the world of you. Isn’t that good enough?


Four Months

Four Months. Somehow, four months have gone by since the day that we finally got to meet you. Words cannot begin to describe my feelings for you. I am truly blessed that I was chosen to be your mother. I know that your daddy feels the same way. I have so much fun watching the two of you together. Your personality has always shown, but I think it comes out stronger more and more now. You are such a happy baby!!!

Nicknames: Little Z, Zoe Bear, Z, Cheeks, Kiddo

Loves: Smiling, chewing/sucking on hands and fingers, grabbing your feet, reading A Great Day For Up and The Going to Bed Book, playing with blocks, laying on your activity mat, and finally tummy time!! Now that you have mastered rolling over from back to belly, you have been doing tummy time all on your own. You are just the cutest laying there on your belly looking around. You have even been rolling onto your belly for some of your naps.

Hates: Naps. Sometimes you take one just fine, but more often than not you are fighting them! I am not sure if you have FOMO or what. I always ask you if mommy can have your naps instead!

Milestones: You have truly mastered grabbing things with your hands, it is much more controlled. You are rolling over multiple times per day from back to stomach, and every now and then you will do a full roll from stomach to back again. You have started trying to stand on our lap when we hold you on our shoulder. And you also have started sitting up when we are holding you in our laps. During your tummy time, you try so hard to crawl!!! You start getting frustrated because I can tell that you want to move, you just cant figure out how yet.

Clothing: Two weeks ago I moved you up to size 2 diapers, and we have started pulling out your 6 month clothes! I think you have really hit a growth spurt and I am anxious to see what you weight and your height at your wellness check up next week!

Feeding: You take 4-6 ounces every 2-3 awake hours. You have been an awesome night sleeper!!! You usually go down for bed between 7-8 pm and wake up between 5-6 am.

Looks: Your eyes have stayed the same light blue this past month, and your hair has gotten even lighter.

Things I want to remember from this month…

–How you whine yourself to sleep when you are fighting it.

–On March 19th you started to discover your toes while sitting in your chair and you kept grabbing them and looking at them.

–How you love to look around and people watch when we are out.

–Your pterodactyl noises.

–When you’re tired and taking a bottle, you rub one of your hands up and down the bottle and the other hand holds one of my fingers.

–One day you started screaming from your crib and I came and picked you up and all you wanted was to sleep on my chest. It was the sweetest thing ever and you laid there fast asleep on me for over two hours. I cherished every single second of it.

–The way you love to cross your legs at your ankles. I find you sitting like this all the time now! You even do it during diaper changes.

–I took you to lunch at Saw’s with my coworkers one Friday and you were seriously the best. You let several people hold you without making a fuss and you were the perfect angel the entire time we were out. Everyone couldn’t get over how good you were. You have such a chill/go with the flow personality. I like to think you get that from me 🙂

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Baby Must Haves – Birth to 3 Months

Baby must haves vary from mom to mom. There is a lot of baby gear out there you guys. A lot. It is so overwhelming when you walk in to Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby for the first time. Not to mention the pumped in to the air system baby powder scent that assaults your nose and hurts your ovaries the moment you walk in the door. Am I right??? I swear if I hadn’t have already gotten pregnant when we went to Buy Buy Baby, that scent would make me want to hold a newborn stat! There are also a million blog posts out there of the must have baby essentials. What I have learned? Every baby is different, obviously. So what might be a must have for one mom could be a joke for another. I wanted to share with you what got us through the first three months with Zoe, and why it worked. So here we go!!!

Sleep – When you first come home with baby, you can pretty much kiss your sleep goodbye for the first several weeks. I don’t know a single mom who came home with a baby that slept through the night. What did finally help? The Rock n Play. The Rock n Play is the most amazing thing ever invented if you have a baby with acid reflux who cant lay flat to sleep. Other advantages? It can go anywhere. Your living room, bedroom, grandma’s house. Genius! If I could only have one baby item, the Rock n Play is it.

Feeding – If you aren’t exclusively breast feeding, you need bottles. Dr Brown’s worked best for us. I have tried four other kinds and none of them beat Dr Browns. All the others gave Zoe more gas, there were lots of bubbles and air when she took them, etc. I know that Dr Browns has about a million parts to clean, but it is worth it. Hands down.

Other items pictured: Boon Grass, Boon Flower, Boon Twig

Play – There are so many baby toys out there and most of them entertain the kid for about five minutes and then they are done. The ones that Zoe keeps picking up or wanting to look at each and every day? O-Ball, My Pal Violet from Leap Frog, Minnie Mouse and her The Very Hungry Caterpillar soft book.

Another amazing thing to have, a play mat like this one! Zoe can lay there for a long time just staring up at the birds spinning or trying to grab at the lower hanging toys. Most recently she has been rolling over and using the mat for tummy time too. This is another item you can find on sale often at  Target.

Bath – I have one of those tubs with the sling that I used for the first month. But honestly, it was such a hassle and Zoe hated every minute of it. I then discovered this bath seat and it is genius! Zoe loves it because she is more submerged in the water. (The sling left her freezing.) She can spread out a little and it is easier to clean her because I am not having to move her around on a sling. This thing is on sale at Target quite often for around $15 and that is when I grabbed it.

Other items pictured: Shea Moisture Shampoo/Bath, Honest Lotion, Rubber Ducky was a gift but um they are everywhere!

Travel – Obviously, you can’t leave the hospital without the nurse seeing that you have a car seat. After a ton of research, we decided on the Britax B-Safe 35 travel system. I chose this because it is near the top of every safety review I read. Safety was an absolute first priority for me. I also asked several mom friends and the ones who raved most about their travel system were the moms who had the Britax. What I like now that I have been using it? It is fairly simple to strap Zoe in. It is a breeze to click in and out of her base, and I can literally open or close her stroller with one hand. All the grandparents cant get over how much easier strollers are these days.

Also, there are several moms that have horror stories about how their babies hate being in their car seats and fuss the entire time. Zoe does none of that, she loves her car seat. She falls asleep in it easily and is happily amused when we are out just looking around from the safety of her seat. The only negative? On hot days, she is sweaty when I pull her out of it. But I am pretty sure that is the case with most car seats, no? Zoe doesn’t seem to mind.

Obviously from my pictures I share, you can tell we have a lot more things. These are just the things we had to have to get us by easily. Or as easily as one can get by with a newborn. Am I right? If you want to see what all we registered for, you can read my post on that from my Mommy Babbles blog that I sort of quit posting on here. We pretty much either received or purchased everything on the list except the bouncer. My SIL let us borrow the one she had for our nephew.  And if you want to see Zoe’s nursery reveal to spy some other items you can see that here.

So what items do you recommend for the next few months?



Three Months

I cannot believe that Zoe turned three months old on March 4. It is so weird because I feel like she has always been a part of our family, yet it is crazy to think that three months has already come and gone. It has been such a whirlwind, but so wonderful and amazing and more than I ever could have imagined or dreamed.

Nicknames: Little Z, Zoe Bear, Z, Cheeks, Kiddo

Loves: Smiling, chewing/sucking on hands and fingers, grabbing every two that you can fit your hands around, pulling mommy’s hair, laying on your activity mat, hanging out in your bouncer (your still too small for it, I sit there with you and have a blanket propped up behind you), car rides, bouncing on your memom’s lap, playing airplane.

Hates: Tummy time and naps. You have been fighting naps like crazy!! And I am not sure why you hate tummy time so much, because you are so good at holding your head up.

Milestones: You giggled for the first time this month!!! You also squealed in delight and haven’t stopped. You hate tummy time so much, you rolled over from your belly to your back on Thursday, March 2nd on your activity mat. You rolled from your back to your belly on Monday, March 6th in your crib.

Clothing: You wear mostly 3-month clothing. You still have some things that are 0-3 months, but they are getting to be too short on you. You are still in a size 1 diaper.

Feeding: You take 4-6 ounces every 2-3 awake hours. You have been an awesome night sleeper!!! You usually go down for bed between 8-9 pm and wake up between 6-7 am.

Looks: Whenever people try to figure out who you look like, I tell them you look like Zoe!! Your eyes are a light blue and your hair has gotten a little lighter again this month.

Things I want to remember from this month…

How much you love watching me sing and dance to The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Every time I look at you, you are either smiling…or your fingers/hands are in your mouth!

The way your face lights up when we play pat-a-cake with Curious George.

The way you pucker your lips when you sleep.

How you close your eyes and giggle when I pull your clothes off over your head.

The way you dramatically push your bottle away when you’re done with it or angry that it is empty.

How you shrug your shoulders when you talk and smile. I do that too!

The way you raise your eyebrows at me.

When you eat you sometimes reach up and hold my face or rub my cheek with your hand.

All of the faces you make. I always say the many faces of Zoe.

Three Month Outtakes – Nothing makes me laugh more than this little girl and her huge personality!!! I told her to smile and I got this….

I love seeing her over the last three months side by side!!!