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Five on Friday

Oh hey there, June. What??? Seriously, someone please tell me how it is June?? Anyways, I am watching my nephews today. Crazy how the school year is over, right?? Zoe loves getting to spend time with her cousins! She got to see another one of her cousins at her grandmothers house earlier this week. It was really cute, because when we came home that night she kept pointing to his picture on the refrigerator. My sister and I also plan to see my mom tomorrow for lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day. She was at the beach that weekend and we haven’t gotten to see her since. Someone asked me how she was doing since her surgery on her shoulder, and she is doing well. She is in physical therapy right now and told me just the other day that she road her bike at the beach every night, so clearly she is feeling a little better! Other than that, I am not sure what else is on the agenda for this weekend. Definitely grass cutting at some point too. It is never ending over here. Since I just did an add it to your list and currently post this week, I wanted to share some moments and thoughts this Friday instead of doing favorites.

  1. Memorial Day was full of memories in more than one way. Zoe got her first taste of solids!!! We started on pureed sweet potatoes, but I plan to do a mix of purees and baby led weaning style foods. Zoe licked the spoon a few times and didn’t spit any out, so we are calling it a win. She still isn’t sure what to think about it though, we have tried twice since and she only had a few licks and is over it. She stares very contently at anything we are eating though. I think that is why baby led weaning is going to be the better option.

2. I am trying to get back on the healthy wagon. I don’t know why it has been such a struggle for me after having Zoe. I am sitting here 5 months postpartum and completely unhappy and disgusted with my body, and yet lack the motivation to do something about it. I haven’t been eating too terribly bad 100% if the time, but it hasn’t been good either. And the workouts. I just cant seem to make it a priority to fit them in right now. It will require me to wake up super early and get them done before Zoe wakes up. The problem is, I have an hour and a half window of her usual wake up time, so I need to wake up and get that work out in and be done before the earliest that she could be up. And that is really freaking early and mommy is tried from working full time and raising an infant. And life in general.

Having the Apple Watch has helped, because I make sure I at least hit my stand goals for the day. And I try to get at least 50% of my move goal and at least 10 minutes of an accelerated heart rate to be considered a “work out”, but I need to do better. Sooooo this is what my lunches have been looking like. I dont hate it.

What I am trying to say is, I need to make this a priority again and stop bitching about it in my head. So I am putting it out there today to hold myself accountable. Amy posted about doing a midyear reset of sorts yesterday and it was perfect to hear because it is where I am too. If anyone has any tips on how to squeeze a workout in to a jam packed day, let me know! My only option is to workout from home and I have weights and a step and a treadmill and I do YouTube workouts a lot. I need to whip Jillian back out and let her kick my ass too. Woof.

3. Snuggle time is my favorite time. While it can be super frustrating that Zoe fights her naps and sometimes sleep at night, that is when she gives her best snuggles.

4. Target has been killing it lately with their clothes, for both adults and kids. I shared the items I ordered during the dress sale this week. Which, memorial day they were offering an additional 20% off!!!  I went to a different Target near my office on Monday and scored some major deals on kids clearance! They grow like weeds and I feel like every two or three months I am on the search to complete the next size up for her wardrobe. I like to do it all on clearance if I can! How cute is that mermaid rash guard swimsuit? She has an red/white/blue anchor swimsuit in a smaller size to wear at the beach too. Cant wait to see those on!

5. People are always commenting on how Zoe looks just like Chris. Which she does. But my mom reminded me this week that she does look very similar to me at that age too. I think she might be on to something….

What do you have planned for this weekend?

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Never Say Never

I have learned over the years to never say never. Because life is crazy, and messy and unpredictable. And honestly, we all change and evolve over time. I am pretty sure that if you would have asked me 10 years ago, I could have told you with 100% certainty that I would never live in Alabama. Yet, here I am seven years in.

If you would have asked me just a year ago my thoughts on being a full time working mom, I would have told you that was what would make me the happiest. I couldn’t fathom the idea of staying home all day every day with a kid and no adult interaction. I thought it would be maddening. Turns out that working from home and getting to see Zoe all the time has made me feel so fulfilled and so very happy. I cant tell you how many times I have cried in the last week because I know that I am having to return to the office full time and will be putting her in day care soon.

You you could have told me that I would do a month of Whole 30 two years ago and I would have thought you were crazy. Me give up dairy, and grains, and sugar and alcohol for an entire month? Eat that strict? Nope, no faith in myself on that. And yet, in January 2016 I did just that and it was awesome.

When skinny jeans came out several years back, I thought to myself…yeah…not for me. Now? I am pretty sure the only jeans I have worn in the last two years have been exclusively skinny ones.

In high school and college I was a silver only kind of girl. Never even thought of gold as an option. Now, half my jewelry box is gold or rose gold. Still love silver, but I have expanded my collection to be more versatile. I even have some gold things around the house. gasp

I used to be a fast paced city living girl. I lived in downtown Atlanta for years. I thrived there and knew my way around the city and loved that life. Now we live 35 minutes outside of Birmingham in a quiet little town that pretty much no one outside of the county we live in has even heard of. You know what? I love it. Have you ever really seen the stars? You can see them at our house at night without all the city lights. We have lived there 5 years and it still takes my breath away single time. Driving the back roads gives your mind time to wind down. The slow paced life where you enjoy a cold beer on your back deck on a spring day is the life for me.

I mean, I have a pretty good idea of some things I will never do. Like sky dive? Yeah, no. Hike one of the tallest mountains? Probably not. But you know, whose to say what I will be in to and what kind of priorities I will have in ten years, five years, next month. What are some things that you thought you would never do and were dead wrong about it?

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Linking up with Kristen and Gretch for a monthly check in! Today Zoe turns 5 months old. My goodness!!! I need to find time to squeeze in a five month photo shoot at some point. Time is flying!!!

Reading: I am finishing up Royal Scandal from Netgalley.

Listening: I Don’t Know How She Does It on audiobook thanks to the library.

Watching: You guys, I am almost embarassed to say…but I still watch Pretty Little Liars. I mean, I am already in deep so I have to finish the damn thing. There have been so many twists and things have honestly gotten so ridiculous but I cant quit. There are seven episodes left and I better get some fucking answers. I just have a feeling they are going to end the show on a ridiculous twist or something. Like it was all made up and these girls are dreaming this all from the psych ward or something….and I am going to be pissed.

Image result for pretty little liars

On a more positive note, Lucifer is back!!! So excited about that. I freaking love this show.

Image result for lucifer

Eating: Paleo Banana Bread for breakfast most days. I have been making stir fry veggies and brown fried rice for lunch a lot lately. Dinners are mostly paleo/whole 30 approved. This week was baked pork chops, turkey burgers, kickin chicken, and bacon wrapped steaks. Yum!

Loving: The weather lately! Though, today and tomorrow we are getting a cold snap with rain. Tomorrow the high is 54. For Alabama in May, that is just nuts!!! But the rest of this week has been gorgeous and Zoe and I enjoy going and sitting out front and blowing bubbles together. Gotta protect those precious eyes of hers! We got her some glasses with a band around them to keep them on her head for the beach and pool this summer so we decided to try them out this week. She already has a pretty decent sunnies collection going! All Cat and Jack brand from Target so far. These watermelon ones are my favorites that she has. I am wearing Kate Spade.

Working: After months of attempting to complete my office area, I am in the final stretch! We have a garage sale and a bulk trash pick up day coming up in a few weeks and after that, I should be golden. I want to get the walls painted in here too and have an extra can left from Zoe’s room that I think I will just use in here since it is a neutral gray.

I have also been trying to straighten up/organize the unseen areas in the house. You know; under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, the laundry closet, the kitchen pantry and cabinets. I have a trip to HomeGoods in my near future to get some more organizational things so I can just knock it all out.

Pinning: Which means, I have been pinning all the organizational things!!!!!

How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink:



I like the shelf above the washer and dryer. It adds to the room.:


Organizing under the kitchen sink ~ I MUST do this! Our cabinets under the kitchen sink are always so disorganized! I LOVE these ideas (click on the photo to see the blog with details).:


5 Tips and Ideas for a Happier, More Organized, More Efficient Pantry. Organization can seem daunting, but with these small, doable diy tricks, your pantry will look better in no time.:


What have you guys been up to?

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Friday Things

1.I was excited to receive the Poppy Vox Box from Influenster this week! I even did an Instastory about it! Anyone else feel awkward talking on Instastory or is it just me? Anyways, there is some really great stuff in this box!!! I am a huge fan of Rimmel lip products and I received a full size Oh My Gloss in the shade Master Pink! The smell reminds me of something I used to use when I was a lot longer and I sort of love that! It glides on smooth and leaves my lips feeling soft for a few hours. The color is sheer, but pretty.

There was also a Rimmel Scandal Eyes liner! I am a big fan of drugstore liners, and I had never tried a Rimmel one before. I like how precise the application is and the color is a deep black which I appreciate. The only thing is, I feel like it smudges some and it is most certainly NOT waterproof!! I was able to wipe it away with a wet qtip. I cant even do that with most regular liners.

I was really excited to try the Nyakio Kenyan Face Polish!!! This is a Kenyan Coffee scrub and it left my face feeling super soft!

I didn’t take care of my feet when I was pregnant. Mainly because the last few months I couldn’t reach them comfortably. They are still a disaster. The worst they have ever been, honestly. The 7th Heaven Sock Masque couldn’t have come at a better time! I haven’t actually used this one yet, I will report back.

Who doesn’t love a good in shower body lotion? I can always use the one from Nivea! It has a pleasant smell and I really love how soft my skin feels after using it. Works great for those mornings I am in a rush to get out the door because I can confidently skip putting on additional lotions.

I had never heard of Eva NYC, so I was intrigued when I saw the dry shampoo. I have pretty heavy opinions about the ones I like and dont like. I have to say, I like this one!!! The scent was pleasant and it didn’t leave a white film on my dark hair. I would consider purchasing this, it is half the price of the one I usually buy!

And yay for Tide Pods! The ones I received had downy in them and they smell heavenly! I usually use Honest Company laundry detergent for all of our clothes, but I love these Tide pods for our towels!

Have you used any of these items before? Thanks Influenster!!!

2. For you mamas out there, what is the best sunscreen you have used for your kid??? I wont be putting any on Zoe until after she is 6 months old, but that is right around the corner. I know my mom used Coppertone baby stuff on me and my sister but I have read so many horrible articles about regular sunscreens. It’s hard to know what the right thing to do is? I used Babyganics on myself last summer when I was pregnant at the beach, but I burned in splotches. I am worried it isn’t as good as some other stuff.

3. We finished watching Big Little Lies this week. SO GOOD! It didn’t follow the book exactly, but I really loved the casting and the few new twists to it. Some of you commented that there might be a second season in the works. That would be pretty cool! We have 13 Reasons Why on our list to watch, what else are you guys loving?

4. Did you know that there glitter paint for walls????? I basically want to glitter everything in my house now. Well ok, not everything. But how fun would a glitter accent wall be in my office?!

Image result for glitter wall paint

5. Some funnies to get you through the day! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Today I am thankful for coffee and my fabulous ability to ignore nonsense :


Nothing inspires the words: fuck off, like someone asking me to watch my language.:

Scandalous Nurse:

What doesn't kill you gives you a set of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a dark sense of humor.:

Linking up with Amanda.

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What’s Up Wednesday

I always enjoy reading these posts, but have never participated myself. I told myself last month that I would join in this go round, so here we are! Linking up with Shay.



This week’s dinner menu consists of taco bowls two nights, turkey burgers with roasted potatoes, my baked pork chops, and mini paleo Italian turkey meatloaf. For lunches I am having paleo sloppy joe’s over baked red potatoes.

Italian Meatloaf {Paleo & Whole30 Compliant} |


Lot’s of things, but mostly past beach trips. I cant wait to take our first one as a family of three with Zoe! I am hoping that she is going to be a water/beach baby.

view from our condo


Things are pretty routine over here. Just werk werk werk werk werk. And well, raising a tiny human too! I went and picked up my money from the consignment sale I was in this past weekend. I actually made $50!!! And the girls that are doing it are hosting a garage sale next month so they offered to keep my stuff for it, so I plan on getting more stuff together before then to get rid of as well.


All of the bugs that we are going to have this year since it never really got cold here. Woof. This accurately describes the south…


Trying to get some blog posts drafted, organizing pictures on my computer, finishing the office in our house, and most recently I started uploading photos to make books for each month of Zoe’s first year. I figure I can do the first four months in the next month…and then just keep up with it monthly after that. I am making a page in each one to share mostly what I share on her monthly updates here on the blog too so she can see how she changed from month to month.


We just finished Big Little Lies last night. I would like to start 13 Reasons Why soon. I am almost done reading The Girl You Left Behind, I have about 20% left. And I just started listening to I Don’t Know How She Does It on audiobook.

Image result for i don't know how she does it book


I have fully embraced the athleisure wear trend, and wearing lots of black workout capris, flowy workout tops and sports bras just about every day around the house. When I actually do leave, it is mostly swing or shift dresses. I have been wearing the heck out of the LC sandals I picked up a few weeks ago too!


I am not really sure what we have planned for the weekend. Friday, Mario Kart comes out for the Switch. I plan to be in line when the stores open to grab one!!! So I am sure we will be playing that some! My BIL’s birthday is this weekend, and my sister is having a bonfire party for him Saturday night. Not sure if we will make it though since it is closing in on Zoe’s bedtime.

Image result for mario kart switch


Chris’s birthday is next month! Hopefully we can plan something fun to do.