34 Things For My 34th Year

You guys. I turn 34 today. Well, 30. The 4 is silent. Obviously. The thing is, my thirties have been my favorite years yet. I feel much more comfortable in my own skin, I care less and less of others opinions, I know what is important to me, Chris and I have found a good balance in our life, and of course…Zoe has brought more joy to my life than I could have ever imagined and I am so thankful everyday for our sweet sweet family. Shout out to my birthday twin, Kate!!! We were born on the exact same day in the exact same year. How cool is that? We almost managed to have birthday twin daughters, Zoe is just a few weeks younger than S! I thought I would share 34 things about me. I always like learning new facts about people, and who doesn’t like a list? Danielle shared her 34 things about her recently too. 1.I am originally from Pennsylvania. I have also lived in Missouri and Georgia. I lived in Atlanta the longest and felt most myself there, but Birmingham is feeling more and more like home these days. 2. My Spotify playlists are all … Continue reading 34 Things For My 34th Year